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Did Gwyneth Paltrow Practice Incest?
May 2, 2008, 7:55 am
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Personally I don’t think so, but according to this article in US Magazine, they imply she got married to the Jude Law of music, Chris Martin, because he looks just like her brother.


Mind you, the brother in the Corrs ended up shacking up with a woman who looked so like his sisters, she could of joined the band … so maybe the secret to celebratory is to shag someone who looks like your siblings.

What a shame I’m an only child, ha!

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Is that why you spend so much time indulging yourself?

Comment by John

Should I be getting my lawyer looking at your comment John?

Comment by Rob

Judging by that picture if he hadn’t married Gwyneth Paltrow he’d have been fighting off the advances of Mick Hucknall’s sister…

Comment by Dave Mortimer

Or a poodle.

Comment by Pete

I don’t find Gwyneth that attractive usually but I saw Iron Man last night and she looks great.

Comment by Age

You really hate Chris Martin don’t you Robert?

Comment by Pete

the coors? robert! your musical reference cred is slipping daily. in fact you’re only marginally above fred and that’s only because you like def leppard…

Comment by lauren

Jesus Lauren, you’re even writing in lowercase like Andy – could you please stop it.

And my referral to The Corrs has nothing to do with their musical ability [?] just their brothers romantic associations – jesus I’d rather drink bleach than listen to their songs and any suggestion otherwise will be met with sever legal action. [I am my Fathers son, ha!]

Comment by Robert

ahem. ever thought that andy might write in lowercase like me?

Comment by lauren

He’s a hell of a lot older and less technically savvy as you – that’s why Lauren!

Comment by Rob

yeah, but i’m lazier 🙂

Comment by lauren

So you’re not being post-moddrn then Lauren? I thought it was compulsory for creatives.

Comment by John

quiet today isn’t it?

Comment by Marcus

I think everyone is at the hair salon asking for stupid hair in a desperate attempt to bag Gwyneth.

I’d like to bag her. But in a bin bag and then chuck her on the rubbish heap!

Comment by Rob

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