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Who Say’s Religion Is Commercialised?
April 18, 2008, 7:18 am
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When my lovely mate Scott saw this, he asked, “Why don’t the plasters come in small circular shapes?”

He’s definitely going to hell!

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why is bazza standing next to that tin?

Comment by andy@cynic

i think there’s an exclamation mark missing from those bandaids..

Comment by lauren

Another slur Andy? Do you miss me that much?

Comment by Bazza

that smiley face is the devil…it’s evil for sure, just look at it for 5 seconds…

I need to start adding more water to my absinthe

Comment by ianbrownattheparadiso

I don’t think you need to add more water to your absinthe, I think you need to add more days to your drug rehabilatation program.

Or get back to the Stone Roses or maybe rename them, the Stoned Roses 🙂 [Boom Tish!]

Comment by Robert

Très drôle Robert..Très drôle

either way..that smiley face is still the devil..

Comment by ianbrownattheparadiso

Not as bad as your 2nd album! 😉

Comment by Rob

sticks and stones…robert..but we both know you got tried to get laid rocking the baggy pants stilo I made fashionable back in the late 80’s…

With fans like these who needs enemies?

Comment by ianbrownattheparadiso

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