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Midget Loo …
April 18, 2008, 7:19 am
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So I was in an office recently and needed to pop to the loo and when I walked in, this is what I found …


And before you ask, no, that’s not the the ‘kiddy loo’ [I’m no perv] it’s the normal sized one.

What on earth were the people behind it thinking???

And in typical Campbell ‘fuck-up-fairy’ style, a man walked in when I was photographing it and immediately walked out – probably to inform security that some nutter was doing ‘toilet porn’ which will no doubt see me banned from yet another bloody country!

Mind you, as daft as that toilet is, it’s still miles away from this loo madness.

This is a really intellectual blog isn’t it, ha!

And it all seemed to be going so well at the start of the week! 🙂

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i see apple made special arrangements to make sure baz felt at home. what a nice company.

and i personally think your blog has ended on a high, this sort of shit is much better than your mother teresa or planning shit and you used the words “toilet porn” which immediately holds my interest.

see you in 24 hours you lucky, lucky fuck

Comment by andy@cynic

What made you launch into that unprovoked attack Andy? Jealousy is a destructive force you know.
And that photo is from Google SF so maybe I joined the wrong company.

Comment by Bazza

I think what made Andy launch into that unprovoked attack Baz is that you’re small and he can’t resist going for the obvious.


Comment by Rob

Is that your penis in the top right corner?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

…top left corner.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Look how the nicest man in Sweden has changed?

No Fred, it’s not my penis it’s your hand trying to get close to the ‘power’ – afterall, we all know how ‘male-friendly’ you are* and that the wife/kids are just a clever decoy 😉

[I’m getting alot of mileage out of that blog aren’t I? Ha!]

Comment by Rob

does a midget loo stop blokes pissing on the floor? god i hope so.

Comment by lauren

That sounds awfully like a Jillyism there Lauren!

Comment by Rob

if by Jillyism you mean a fabulous piece of insight and lateral thinking, then yes, yes it does.


Comment by lauren

Yes of course Lauren, what else could I possibly mean given my wife makes insightful statements like …

“I reckon one the best things about being a dwarf is that when you get on a plane, you have shitloads of legroom”

Comment by Robert

Its known as the ‘well hung’ loo where I come from!

Comment by Charles Frith

You don’t think that long blue thing is my leg do you? It was just very cold that day!

Comment by Rob

A real willy warmer?

Comment by Charles Frith

If you want one, you should go to the shop and ask for them by their brand name, “WOMAN”

Comment by Rob

Isn’t “well hung” mandarin for “little man” Charles?

Comment by Marcus

I thought it was an American Idol contestant from a few seasons back!

Comment by Robert

True Story: Well Hung the name of an exhibition installation company in Sydney that specialises in paintings. It’s run by a guy called Paul. A gallery I was working in regularly used Well Hung to help with installing works.
One opening night, I was introduced to Paul – He gave me his card with WELL HUNG on the front. And as I shook his hand, looking at his card, I realised who he was and completely naively said [in front of the curator and the director] ‘Oh! you’re Well Hung!’…. He grinned and said, ‘uh, well, yes.’

Comment by lauren

Sorry, but no one – NO ONE – beats my best friend in the ‘well hung’ stakes.

And no, I’m not talking picture hanging.

Now I appreciate it might sound a little strange for another bloke to [1] be telling people this fact and [2] being proud about it … but it is and I am.

I tell EVERYONE I meet about him and when he came to my wedding and was introduced around, the poor bugger was met with women going, “Oh I’ve heard ALL about you” before their eyes drifted downwards.

Seriously, they were treating him like a piece of meat. A fucking BIG piece of meat. Bastard.

Oh and if you want to know how I know – I’ve known him since he was born and we’ve done everything together [well, not everything] so over the years I’ve either had the misfortune of seeing ‘it’ in the school changing rooms or the even greater misfortune of hearing girlfriends/wives talk about it with the joy you’d expect when someone has just won the jackpot on the lottery.

[I hope you’ve not read this Mum!]

Comment by Robert

Finally the truth about Campbell’s youth – it wasn’t BTBB in his room after all.

Comment by John.

Are you suggesting I got a big portion of man cock in my youth Dodds?

I have Jason Donovan’s lawyer [the one who fucked up the ‘Face’ magazine for a similar slur] in my address book.

Comment by Rob

Jason Donavon.. figures

Comment by ianbrownattheparadiso

He had quite a nice figure if I can recall IanBrownAtThePardiso – bit difficult to know for sure as the curtains in my bedroom were closed.

Doh, Dodd’s has just saved himself a writ. Pah!

[This is all a joke if you’re reading Mum!]

Comment by Robert

Mrs Campbell I is indeed all a joke. A sad sad joke.

Rob, let’s stop the violence. It only causes to many broken hearts.

Lord, I really need to add more water, with jokes this lame..

Comment by ianbrownattheparadiso

Off now, have a top weekend all …

Comment by Rob

Aim practice!

Comment by Andrea

Stuff a photo of someone on top and feel like you’re pissing on him/her from somewhere up above.

Comment by Andrea

I am fairly confident that this puts paid to Mary thinking you are a nice, sensitive, gentle man Robert.

Comment by George

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