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Another Midget Leaves Me …
April 16, 2008, 7:30 am
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Before I start, I’d like to tell John Dodds to make a nice cup of sweet tea … sit down … grab a box of tissues [ahem] and take a deep, deep breath.

OK … today is another one of those bugger-bugger-bugger days because it’s with a mixture of pride and sadness that I have to say a final goodbye to my absolutely beloved friend and colleague [emphasis on colleague, ha!] Emah.

Yep, the smallest bully since Napoleon and Sorrell has decided I’m not worth bothering about anymore and is heading off to run into the open arms of BBH.

The Bitch.

Except she isn’t.

Nope … even though the little bugger supports Arsenal … is obsessed with pink … wears t-shirts of bands she’s never heard of and has  hardcore bitch haircuts … you couldn’t want for a more loyal, clever, concientious, considerate, wonderful bugger working alongside you, except maybe R2D2-  who is ironically the same height.

So I’m at that point again where I get to feel great sadness about saying goodbye to someone important in my life whilst also feeling a sense of pride about where they’re going – because not only does it show how incredibly lucky I’ve been in being able to work alongside such great people but hopefully it represents how we’ve been able to develop them so that truly great places want to hire them.

[Emah gave me this pink, small robot for me to remember her by. Incredibly apt 🙂 ]

Emah is going for absolutely the right reasons because there’s quite a few things going on which are going to result in quite a few ‘changes’ [more on that another day] so after she told me where her head was at, I introduced her to the BBH boys because that was the only place where I felt they would truly value her opinion and nurture her talent.

Of course once they met her and she showed how smart she is, they wanted to snap her up straight away which is why as of Monday, I’ll only be hearing her abuse via MSN – which is going to be sad, but alot less confronting 🙂

Despite Mr Dodd’s facination with our lovely one, no one comes close to how much I adore and believe in this person so I can’t wait to see how brightly she shines because she’s better than good, she’s bloody brilliant and with BBH’s help she’ll be able to realise her potential as well as maybe even start believing in it too.

Emah, you deserve nothing but happiness and I’m going to miss very, very much 

Thanks for everything, knock em’ dead and never change …

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congratulations on working with campbell and surviving to live another day. youre one of the few people who manage to keep him in check so you automatically get my respect.

even though he can be a complete fuck at times, hes a good guy and means what he says in this post.

of course if you were an ugly bitch he probably wouldnt of given too hoots about you or where you go next but youre not which is why he does. hes pathetic isnt he? too fucking right he is.

rob has continually said youre brilliant so its sad youre leaving him but quite understandable. have a great time at bbh, youll be fucking brilliant but if you could stop scamp being such a crawling fuck, wed all be grateful.

Comment by andy@cynic

fucking cool robot too. hope the tight fuck got you something but probably the best present is you not having to see his ugly face anymore.

campbell, maybe the reason good looking, talented people (and fred) leave is because of your fucked personality. next time send them my way and you can have billy, jack and michael.

Comment by andy@cynic

What my boss said except the bit where he suggests he’d swap me for you which is understandable but still upsetting.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Congratulations Emah, thank you for everything especially keeping Rob working instead of just blogging.
Have fun and enjoy every moment, you’re a star.

Comment by George

i didnt suggest it billy, i fucking well confirmed it.

Comment by andy@cynic

You won’t know yourself Emah. Congratulations.

Comment by Pete

Thanks for clearing up where I stand Andy. I take it Jemma isn’t facing the same issue?

Comment by Billy Whizz

if you keep learning at that speed billy, you might be ok 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Dear Emah, all the best with your new job, I am sure it is a match made in heaven. Best wishes. K

Comment by Katerina

Yeah, everyone congratulate Emah – no one spare a thought for me or Doddsy!

Comment by Rob

LOL, Andy your comments are pure gold.

Really nice post Rob and daaaaaaang, Emah you look HOT in that top photo!!

Call me.


Comment by Age

Best wishes Emah, Robert’s loss is most certainly BBH’s gain.

Comment by Lee Hill

You’ll have to fight Dodd’s for her Age – but you should be fine, he’s pushing 60.

And Lee, you are so right …

Comment by Rob

thats because no one gives a fuck about you or dodds, campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

way to go emah! knock ’em dead kiddo and make sure that you keep those BBH kids in check so they don’t become a bunch of self-congratulatory wankers.

Comment by lauren

Go Emah go

Comment by Jemma King

As someone else who had their new job organised for them, I can testify life is much better away from Robert 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes Emah.

Comment by Bazza

Darling Emah, congrats on getting a new job!!
As someone who’s left Mr Campbell and lived to tell the tale, my advice is that you should
1. Try to schedule weekly chats with him over coffee ( because sometimes he is rather wise and can give you good advice)
2.Go into his room and point out any toys that you like because you might get it for Xmas
3. Give him a huge hug because despite Mr Campbell being Mr Campbell, I know you’ll miss him and no matter where you go on to work, it’ll never be the same again – which might or might not be a good thing for you, I suppose 🙂

All the best sweets!

Comment by Connie

Hell, Connie has actually written a comment on this blog – of course it has nothing to do with me, it’s just because of Emah, but I’m impressed.

If I close my eyes and pretend I’m a nice, handsome devil, I might even be able to convince myself beautiful women are fighting over me.

Nope, even my imagination doesn’t stretch that far.

And for your information Ms Connie, they are not ‘TOYS’ in my office, they are ‘inspiration providers’ – well that’s how I describe them to claim them as a tax deduction anyway!

Finally Emah, there’s no point scheduling any weekly chats, once you’re gone from my life, it’s like you never existed and given you’re so small, I won’t see you even if you’re right infront of me!

Besides I would imagine catching up with me would be the last thing you’d want to do, Connie talks a good game but she seems to be always ‘washing her hair’ everytime I suggest catching up 🙂

PS: Thanks for making me sound like Yoda Connie, though we both know the resemblence you are referring to is only physical!

Comment by Rob

women fighting over you?

more like women wanting to fight you and then theyd have to get past the long line of guys all waiting to smash you in the face and im not giving up my premier position for anyone.

well unless theyre hot like emah and connie, then ill let them climb all over me 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

My very best wishes to you Emah.

I enjoyed working with you as much as Rob and we both know that BBH is welcoming a real star into their agency. Congrats to both them and you!

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

You sweetie Andy, because by the time they’ve climbed over your mass of bulk, they’ll be too old to lay a punch on my that would hurt.

I knew you cared for me really!

Comment by Rob


and a small one at that

Comment by andy@cynic

Sticks and stones may break my bones but your cock can never hurt me.

Funnily enough, wives 1 and 2 said the same, ha!

Comment by Rob

Sounds like fab news Emah!

Comment by Charles Frith

Poor old Dodds. Well done Emah, good luck. Very happy for you.

Comment by Marcus

Thanks Rob (the boss) and everyone for your wishes. =)

Rob – I’m actually surprised that you used a nice picture of me (and not the one with the red blouse or gold jacket).

PS: I’m not using my waterproof masacara. So no goodbye speeches ok!

Comment by Emah

Is that it?

I open my heart and all I get is that?

2 years! Two fucking years.

OK, so only 3 people read my shite anyway, but it’s the thought that counts and I could of been doing some real, paid work rather than write that!

Pah, the youth of today …

And what do you mean about me being nice using a ‘nice’ photo of you.

You sent it to me with the ORDERS I HAD to use it.

Infact, if I wasn’t so scared of you I’d of used your terrible Olivia Newton John circa “Grease” pic but I value my nuts.

You will be missed my sweetie and it’s been a bloody pleasure to have you work with me/us.

Onwards and upwards …

Comment by Rob

You are going to be one of our BBH babes? Sweet.

Welcome Emah

Comment by BBH

We are currently adminstering copious medication and therapy to a new patient who was recently admitted to our faciility after developing an obsession with the BBH blog and early-stage symptoms of Juanophilia. Before final sedation he offered up these words – “That’s one small step for man, a series of very long strides for Emah.”

Comment by Asylum For The Abandoned.

We all know that’s you Dodd’s, and it’s still not as funny as what you said to me last night …

“Emah is so fit because she’s so small she can only reach the number ‘3’ button on the lift so has to walk the rest of the way each day”

Now stop being all coy and wish her the best, you’re the reason she is so bloody well known on this blog afterall …

Comment by Rob

I’m not wearing waterproof mascara either so I’ll keep it short. Run Emah Run. You’ve escaped his clutches, now show the world how much you were being held back.

Comment by Asylum For The Abandoned.

I like that Asylum – not that I might of held her back – but the thought she’s going to fly, because she is and I will be very proud to watch!

Comment by Rob

Rob, I’m tall enough to kick you where it hurts.

I’ll will so miss this.

**sob sob**

Comment by Emah

Kick me?

Only if you’re on a stepladder sweetie.

Don’t worry Emah, your new CEO is always being referred to as ‘me’ [poor fuck] so I’ll make sure he is an annoying shit and then it’ll be like I’m right there with you.

Of course I don’t get to rememeber what it’s like having you near me, but I guess that’s something I’ll just have to get used to!

Comment by Robert

This is all getting a bit sugary isn’t it?

Comment by John.

Yeah, and wait till you see tomorrow’s post – a byproduct of feeling down.

God the Samaritans should sponsor this blog!

Comment by Robert

Anyway – that was Emah. Lovely, fabulous, a delight. But time is money. So who’s replacing her and what does she bring to the table?

Comment by John.

Yeah sod Emah, she’s a has-been – now we have CJ, younger, smarter, keener, taller and more beautiful.

All hail the new …

Comment by Robert

In the interests of not being kicked in the head by Emah and her cohorts [+ Katerina] I would just like to point out that both John and I are joking and we will miss her tons and tons and tons.

But what I said about CJ is true too … she’s a diamond and I can’t believe we managed to get her.

She’s not a new Emah, she’s a new CJ.

Thank you.

Comment by Robert

do we get to hassle CJ too?

Comment by lauren

It’s in the job descripition.

Comment by John.

i would have thought it part of the interview process…

Comment by lauren

I’ll expose her to you lot gently.

That came out waaaaaaay ruder than it was supposed to.

Not that it was meant to be rude. Oh god, I’ve contravened employement laws again!

Comment by Robert

you sad sad fuckers. her seat isnt even cold and youre already working on her replacement.

dodds youre an inspiration to all

Comment by andy@cynic

don’t worry andy. we’d do the same for you 🙂

Comment by lauren

you think i dont know that? thats why i fucking like you

Comment by andy@cynic

You are naughty, naughty boys.

Comment by Katerina

campbell and dodds are the real fucking culprits k but i will not allow them to bring me down to their level anymore

Comment by andy@cynic

it’s quite disgusting. Entertaining but disgusting.

Comment by Marcus

yeah because youve never said any sexist shit have you marcus “my cock is bigger than campbells” brown?

Comment by andy@cynic

nice to see ive got this blog back to normal. sorry emah

Comment by andy@cynic

Well done and good luck!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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