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Vile Vials [Spelling Courtesy Of Dodds!]
April 14, 2008, 11:59 am
Filed under: Crap Marketing Ideas From History!

Maybe I’m getting old, but this product makes me sick – not just because I think it’s in incredibly bad taste, but because the reason it is successful is ‘marketing’.

Yes I know when I was a kid they had things like candy cigerettes, but this is entiely different – and I am just waiting for the epidemic of people claiming the white powder up their nose is an ‘energy drink’.

I love how America has absolutely no standard of standards – they can find ways for innocent people to not vote and then allow shite like this to make millions of dollars.

[Thanks to Age for bringing this to my pretty disgusted attention]

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you arent getting old campbell, you are old but this is fucking shite despite its similarity to your diet coke “pill pocket”

you thought id forgotten that didnt you?

Comment by andy@cynic

Whoop, glad to fuel the rage inside you, Rob.
This product would get banned quicker than GTAIV (pls no!) in Australia.

Comment by Age

That’s fucking disgraceful.

Comment by Marcus

that’s bullshit.

Comment by lauren

are you sure it’s not a pisstake

Comment by pristyles

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Hell Pristyles – nice to have you pop in, come back soon.

Sadly I don’t think it is a pisstake and last year in the US there was an energy drink called COCAINE but in a moment of shocking responsibility, the Government actually banned it.

Who knows, I hope it is a prank but the smug look on the ‘brand owners’ face seems to be that of a bloke making far too much money for his own good.

But then 9 billion dollars in sales does seem a bit high.

What’s the betting that even if it is a prank some fucker launches it within weeks. Lets just hope it’s not my colleagues 😉

Comment by Rob

$9billion – you’re the one on crack! That’s more then Red Bull does worldwide. It’s probably a real product but this CN8 is some tiny cable outlet so that shows how “big” this story is. The FDA will ban it. End of. Now please resume your normal programming of attacking real marketing obscenities.

Comment by John

Well your blog hasn’t been up to its normal standards lately Mr Dodds, can I start on yours? 🙂

Comment by Robert

Mine has no standards.

Comment by John

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