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Is This Lazy Or Inspired Marketing?
April 8, 2008, 7:15 am
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So I was going through my favourite store in Singapore, Funan Mall – 6 floors of techno gadgetry – when I saw this poster for the Lenovo Y200 computer …

Now obviously it has been created for the kids market – but I can’t help but think it’s a bit rich calling it a ‘Special Edition’ when all you get is a cheap fucking Pooh Bear sticker on the laptop lid, a crappy plastic laptop case and some z-grade software.

Sure, getting approval to use Winnie The Pooh is a big deal [the copyright owners are renowned for being overly protective] but I just can’t help but think they could of done more with it – and that is my question – should companies go the extra mile and really make something special out of something like this or does it make sound business sense to go for the absolute minimum you can get away with – especially when you own the rights to a ‘character’ which means your competitors can’t offer a decent alternative?

The other thing I find interesting is that – apart from certain Asian markets – most people will outgrow their [public] fascination with Pooh in a relatively short time, so the computers lifespan will be as influenced by it’s Pooh Bear association as it is to the technology inside.

Those cunning Lenovo bastards, they’ll be launching the Jemma Jameson laptop next.Β 

I hope πŸ™‚

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its john dodds marketing because if the pervy fucker saw some young dolly bird with this laptop hed pull his old “you looking for a father figure” routine. i like dodds.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d buy a Jameson laptop, I bet the keys would be soft to the touch, it could be turned on by the flick of a switch, have lots of holes for me to plug with all sorts of gadgets and a fantastic pair of tits.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ll ignore those commenters who’ve been at their Molston already (though they did at least refrain from the obvious scatalogical references) and stick to the brief. It’s lazier than a planner in a focus group.

Pooh has nothing to do with computers, the “limited edition notebook” evokes nothing to do with Pooh once it’s opened unless it’s being used as an overpriced games console and the two should never

It has to be done cheaply because so few people will buy it. Far better to spend the time thinking of ways to tailor the product to actual technical needs of specific customer groups. But they clearly can’t actually do that because the fact that they chose this route is also an admission of the commodification of their technology.

Comment by John

It seems your holiday did you well Billy because that’s the best comment you’ve ever made.

Was that condecending enough? I hope so πŸ™‚

Andy, could you please refrain from attracting more legal issues, we have so many in the air at the moment we could open a juggling act.

And Mr Dodds, first I apologise for my crude, rude and lewd colleagues comments … I thank you for your attempt at your serious response and I have to oppose your view because Asia is the land of ‘cutesy’ so while the Winnie The Pooh laptop is gratuitous and ‘cheap marketing’, it’s sold by the bucketload and not just to kids.

How depressing … but it does show Andy might be right πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

if they used hello kitty or betty boop, they could have sold a shit load more.

Comment by lauren

billy, don’t forget that the jameson laptop is high maintenance: looks great on the outside but needs new silicon chips every 2 years, a bunch of external lines to get started in the morning takes forever to load up.

Comment by lauren

Weird Lauren.. I was at Xidan yesterday and saw a Hello Kitty keyboard and got thinking along the same lines as this post today.

I don’t even have a visual of Jameson but I can’t get that smoking hot chick I saw over my McMuffin this morning out of my HEAD! πŸ˜‰

Comment by Charles Frith

But really this is why marketing is so overrated by those in the business and loathed by those outside of it.

Lenovo have got real problems and the worst one is that they don’t know that IBM whistled merrily after they flogged it to them. The other problem is that the Thinkpad is plummeting the Benchmark notebook and that is from our IT guys not me.

I’ve got a brand new T61 that the keyboard doesn’t respond to and is, despite being chipped to the max desperately slow.

Comment by Charles Frith

IBM pulled off one of the best deals ever when it flogged their laptop division. People thought they were mad, but they knew exactly what they were doing.

Without doubt if they had a “Hello Kitty” version it would sell more, but the rights to that have already been sold – unsurprisingly to a Japanese computer manufacturer [they keep things inhouse there] – however as much as I hate the laziness of this marketing ploy, it has sold by the bucketload which will only encourage more of this low-thinking marketing which is tragic for everyone, especially the consumer.

Oh and thanks for telling Billy why a Jameson laptop would not be a wise longterm investment Lauren, but I don’t think he’s looking for a lifetime of use, just a quick bang on the keyboard πŸ™‚

Comment by Rob

Huggies should launch a range of Pooh pants, it would appeal to kids and have adult “smirk” appeal.

Cheques to the usual address please.

Comment by Lee Hill

I really fucking love that Huggies idea actually – just like you said, it could end up being the ‘South Park’ of nappies, where kids love the cutesy characters whereas parents get the ‘subliminal’ adult humour.

I’d put it to them but given they fucked us with our ‘Protects You From People Full Of Crap’ campaign, I doubt they’ll listen to us without thinking we’re just a bunch of cheeky bastards.

Comment by Rob

Maybe we should of launched a Pooh ipod rather than the U2 edition πŸ˜‰

Comment by Bazza

I look forward to hearing you tell ol’ Stevie-boy that insight which he is bound to think is worth the copious amounts of cash he’s bestowing on you each month. Not that I’m jealous. Oh no …

Comment by Rob

Before I post my final comment, could you just confirm that “they have sold bucketloads” of these laptops?

Comment by Marcus

Well, Winnie is probably the only reason to buy that lenovo shit, isn’t he? But I encourage manufacturers of all kinds of techstuff to shit out loads of limited editions. I would buy anything that fits my John Rambo underwear collection.

Comment by Seb

Is that your chat up line Seb?

I have a missile in my pants and you’re invited to come and check it out?

Subtle …

Comment by Rob

As subtle as an angry Andy after being cheated in a sarcasm contest.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I wouldn’t even buy a Freddie Mercury laptop …

Though I bet it would have plenty of access from the back.

Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob

The huggies idea is tops.

Comment by Charles Frith

Yeah, I love the Huggies idea too … and it came from a CLIENT, will wonders never cease, ha!

Hey, I gave your number to someone called ‘Charlie’ – hope you won’t mind, but I think it might be worth the chat with him … and as for the other things I talked to you about, they’re all ‘on-going’ too, so I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Comment by Robert

You could do a T5 version – it wouldn’t open properly and would keep breaking down. But it would get lots of publicity.

Comment by John

Isn’t that the effect you get when something is labelled “MADE IN ENGLAND”?

Comment by Robert

i know youre at dinner with him now campbell so under no fucking circumstances must i hear youve agreed to pay lee for his shitty nappies idea. they pay us remember. for fucks sake, i went into business with father fucking christmas

Comment by andy@cynic

He didn’t, he just spoiled me with good food and wine which I fully expect will be charged back to me at some point.

Comment by Lee Hill

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