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Welcome To The Rob Campbell Job Centre …
April 7, 2008, 7:17 am
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Job Centre no more

Maybe it’s because someone read my posts about HR departments and assumed I was up for a change – or maybe WPP read my anti-Wunderman rants and decided they wanted me to fuck off out the industry – but for whatever reason, I got sent this email today …

Welcome to the Arcandor Service!

We are very glad that you wish to join our team, will be delighted to have you work with us.

The position of “Assistant” provides support filling the transactions of our customers. We deal exclusively with private clients – that have special requirements for high speed of receiving funds for their business .

This way we can offer a new kind of financial and banking service to our clients – and we would like you to work as an “Assistant”. (part-time job 3-4 hours a day except holidays)

At first your work would be very basic yet meticulous – you will make transfers for our clients to suit their needs.

Our managers will assist you during the trial period and explain everything you will need to know. We offer an extremely competitive graduated salary: for the first month you will receive up to $2000 for your work the next month your salary will be increased if you do your work accurately and on time.

Now you are only one step away from successful career.

All you need is to send an e-mail to: with phone numbers and times to reach you and one of our representatives will contact you and answer all your questions.

Thank you in advance,

Helen Jones
Arcandor Service

Now as much as being an ‘Assistant’ in a company that does ‘interesting financial’ things is exciting … and no one would ever cough at getting two grand in your hand a month … I’m actually OK with what I’m doing [or about to do, cough cough], so if anyone out there would like to have this job, just write to Helen and tell her you have my blessings to take over my wonderful opportunity.

Fuck I hate spam, even though it could be argued that’s the line of business I’m in too!

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