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The Worst Beer Ad In The World?
April 7, 2008, 7:05 am
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This is what happens when ads are written either by [a] clients or [b] planners.

Basically we have an ad featuring a guy pretending he’s broke [though the ‘pockets of shame’ show he’s just being a skinflintto justify why he didn’t buy his mates the Budweiser they obviously are craving for.

Hence one friend is now “thinking” the beer he’s been given is shit [because ‘there’s nothing as smooth as Bud’] another is cursing at the bottle he’s holding and the woman is either going for the blokes bollocks or to check he’s not hidden his cash in his back pockets.

For fucks sake.

Then – just incase you don’t get what the client/agency is trying to get people in the research groups to repeat back to them we see the line BUD: Accept No Substitute.

Yeah, that’s subtle … I can’t see the strategy there, oh no!

Actually being honest, I can’t see the strategy – ‘Accept No Substitute’ is hardly a compelling reason to choose Bud over another beer, especially when so many brands say basically the same thing.

Not only does this sort of shit communication [and strategy] fuck the Bud brand up – but it also demonstrates how research can get badly misinterpreted.

I can just see it now …




Of course the respondents understood what the ad was trying to say – it’s about as subtle as a 44 inch erect horses cock  – the issue is that understanding what an ad is saying doesn’t mean it is motivating, nor does it mean it is liked.

Jesus, have marketing departments become that fucking literal that they don’t care if people are engaged and enthused, they just need a research report that say’s their ad message is ‘understood’ so they can show their bosses and be patted on their mediocre heads?

Seriously, this sort of ad – and research philosophy – makes me sick to the stomach and demonstrates [in the case of this print ad] there was either …

A very naive client/agency.

A very dictatorial/weak client and agency. 

3 An indication of where adland is heading.

Oh hang on, it’s not over yet is it …

Yep, there’s that bollocks ‘Responsibility Matters’ logo in the bottom left hand corner.

You know, what all alcohol companies say on their communication to try and look caring but in reality do it just so they can lobby international governments for tax breaks on alcohol sales.

Well to answer their question, yes Responsibility DOES Matter and one of those is not to treat people like brain-dead, zombie goldfish because if you do, they are likely to turn their backs on warm Yankee piss beer in their droves.

I know beer is quite a tough category [sponsored jokes being the usual ‘idea’] however I cannot tell you how much I fucking detest this ad, it is actually increasing my blood pressure just writing about it.

Can someone please, please, please get me the name/address of the client who approved it and the planner who wrote it – I need to write to them – because not only is this more offensive than snuff porn, I don’t know if my heart could take it if I was to see another ad in the series.

Bud, you are walking home alone tonight …

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i love it when you rave like this.

To add insult to injury, those WAZZZAAAAHHHPPP Bud ads from a few years ago were fucking awesome, this is a huge fall from grace.

Comment by lauren

I saw a poster in a bar the other day saying:

“Buy 4 shots of Aftershock and get a free hat!”
“Drink Responsibly”

Comment by Dave Mortimer

Well it’s certainly not competing with your/our Molston campaign is it? 🙂

Comment by Pete

This is a great angry post, and spot on. Utter shit!
Personally I think the BEST beers ads out in recent times have been the Carlsberg ones…

“probably the best beer in the world.” lol, I love that line.

Comment by Age

oh yes, this is the campbell i like, sticking the knife into those bland bastards who deserve it.

there isnt an idea in this, its a fucking client or planner brief expressed in all its literal fucking glory. absolute shit.

keep it up campbell and pete, why dont you ask alex who was the instigator of the molston stuff, campbell or me? 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

nice example mortimer, you and your brother are alright. now bask in the glow of that compliment and feed your pigeons or whatever you northerners do these days.

Comment by andy@cynic

There’s no ‘i’ in team Andy – and there was certainly no ‘u’ in the Molston campaign development, so bugger off you parasitic git 😉

One thing I do agree with you though is Dave’s comment – what a great example of how alcohol companies just shove that “Drink Responsibly” logo onto anything, it makes me sick, abit like smelling a bottle of Aftershock would!

Comment by Rob

well i can certainly see “u” when i say fuck off

Comment by andy@cynic

hahaha! such love…

Comment by Age

Yes Andy – I’m about 5 miles ahead of you 🙂

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus


Classic carry on advertising. Sounds like Arc on the Euston road again.

Comment by Charles Frith

Drink Responsibly is the equivalant of “My name is…and I approved this ad” with politics. Means fuck all. just for legal considerations. Gotta go kiss some babies smile and make nice to clients

My name is Niko Herzeg, and I..

Comment by niko h

They’ll get the sales figures they deserve – so what’s the problem? I do not feel that my intelligence is being insulted because my intelligence tells me to ignore.

Consumers are great like that.

Comment by Marcus

Not all Marcus, if that was the case we wouldn’t live in a World with MFI!

[Errrrm, because I’ve not lived in the UK for so long, maybe they’ve gone bust which would indicate you are absolutely right then!]

Nice to have you back too …

Comment by Rob

Hang on. Not at all ….what?

Not at all: Sales figures they deserve?
Not at all: Intelligence says ignore?

Please advise.

Comment by Marcus

I’m sorry but even with a rubbish generic idea they should be producing better ads than that.

Apart from the use of the word tightarse the copy is all shit.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Marcus, it’s obvious you’ve just come back from holiday and are full of energetic, mischievious depression, so I’ll just let the misery of the shed get into your bones and reduce you to tears before I respond, is that OK?

Comment by Robert

No. Come on, tell me now.

Comment by Marcus

You know I love you Marcus – and I’m so glad you’re back – but I just can’t be arsed, mainly because I’ve already forgotten what you and I are talking about 😉

Comment by Rob

This ad is not worth commenting on. Fallon are doing the UK ads now, now doubt there will be some sort of Monkey exploding into coloured balls, no one will get it, but it will be claimed to be a masterpiece.
I’m back. Good morning.
Marcus, behave.

Comment by northern

“it’s about as subtle as a 44 inch erect horses cock”.

That made me burst out laughing – i’ve been asked by two people if i’m alright. Nice. 😀

Comment by Will

welcome back NP and marcus! and i’m loving the cynicism that simply ooozes from both your comments. brilliant.

Comment by lauren

Your blog. Your rules.

Comment by Marcus

I’ve added sulking to the cynicism Lauren. Let’s see where that takes us.

Comment by Marcus

By the way, I am insulted at the insinuation that all planners would write ads that shit, with copy that bad.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What’s happened? Everyone has got nasty on here, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Comment by Bazza

Fuck off Bazza.

Comment by Marcus


Comment by Marcus

Actually, I deeply regret using that smiley face.

Comment by Marcus

I regret NOT using it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That’s OK Marcus, you work in a shed at a German printing company, you have every right to be fucked off 🙂

Comment by Bazza

And you work up Steve Jobs’ arse – which means you have every right to be a smug little shit.

Comment by Marcus

Pete, Rob and Andy – the guys who put the T in Molson.

Comment by John

I’m glad we understand eachother so well Marcus.

Comment by Bazza

Finally Pete has influence over other bad spellers 🙂

Comment by Bazza

I love you Bazza. Can I have some of your spend?

Comment by Marcus

If it makes you feel better, I’d rather spend money on you than Billy.

Comment by Bazza

Good. Now that’s sorted (we’ll sort out the details “offline” Bazza) does anybody want to talk about this shit piece of advertising?

Hmmm? Anyone?

Comment by Marcus

Nice to see you have been hit with the angry stick just in time for our dinner Robert. It should be an excellent evening.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’d rather apply for a grant from the Bazza Foundation.

Comment by John

It’s bloody awful.
Badly written, badly thought out, with a generic idea developed badly.

Who the fuck thought the scrawled writing improved the ad?

Responsibility matters – yes it does, whichever ECD / Brand manager approved this ad should be shouted at loudly by everyone who likes good ads.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

You application has been placed in a queue.. someone will get back to you shortly.. should you wish to leave a begging message, please send an email alternatively please wait till hell freezes over.

Comment by Bazza

I’m liking the corporate stance Bazza. Like it a lot. Been reading Jack Welch again eh?

Comment by Marcus

You can see how cash has made Baz a different person. Got your first payslip yet? How many times did you look at it you bastard 🙂

I can’t believe I spelt Molson wrong, fuck I am so easily influenced, but then it seems I influenced Andy which means I’m one better, YAY!

Thank you Mr M for getting the proceedings back on track, you are indeed correct, the ad is fucking bollocks but I have to save my greatest praise to NP [he’ll never just be ‘Northern’ to me] for his cutting sarcasm of a reply, it’s nice to have him back – about as nice as it is having Marcus back too.

I give no favouritism on this blog. Unless you’re hot. And female. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Will that be someone short?

Comment by John

Anyone up for some Fallon parodying?
Pot Noodle already did a good job…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I think Fallon are doing that already with their Bravia ads. Oooooh put the knife away Campbell 🙂

Comment by Rob

Oooh Meow!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

the metamorphsis of np from nice bald planner to feisty fuck is one of the best things ive ever seen on this blog. the end.

note to marcus, baz is 24, earns a fucking fortune, travels the world and was headhunted by steve fucking jobs. hes not worthy of anyones love especially yours so pull yourself together before you go “campbell soft”.

Comment by andy@cynic

baz is 24??!!!! WTF? baz – when the hell did you find the time to go through the underachieving slacker share-house phase that everyone else does in their early 20s?!

Comment by lauren

Probably did the same at me, we called it university!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Are you nuts Andy? I would suggest you go through my comments to Bazza and read them carefully. No love in there. Just greed and spitefulness.

No fucking campbell softness around here mate.

Comment by Marcus

“i love you bazza, can i have some of your spend”

the word “love” and “bazza” in one sentence.

youre going soft and losing your fucking marbles marcus, but thats ok you might forget about your leaking shitty shed.

Comment by andy@cynic

you are obviously crap at sales. Love – SPEND.

Comment by Marcus

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