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That Friday Feeling …
April 4, 2008, 11:55 am
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It’s the end of the week, so lets have abit of a smile shall we?

Of course I am using someone else’s brilliance to get that reaction out of you – lets face it, there’s no way I could do it via my own endeavours.

[Unless I count you laughing AT me, rather than WITH me]

I’ve just had a thought, given how Fallon are justifying their Cadbury’s ads, wouldn’t this clip ‘strategically’ qualify as their next commercial?


[Thanks Age]

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i’m working tomorrow. thanks for the reminder – now i’m depressed.

Comment by lauren

And if anyone say’s this clip is entertaining because it ‘takes the piss’ out of others [whereas the Cadbury’s stuff is all nice and pure entertainment] I would point out that “Gorilla” reminds people that Phil Collins is a bald, SMS-divorcing smug little shit and “Trucks” represents a journey where there can be only one winner and a hell of a lot of losers … and I don’t care if I’m taking this all out of context just to keep my very loose argument alive 🙂

Comment by Robert

That’s what happens when you fall for an April Fool!

Comment by Robert

no, i get ribbed on this blog when i fall for an april fool. i have to work on saturdays when i take time off to do a uni project. blech!

Comment by lauren

I have to work as well. Thank you, Robert.

Comment by Seb

Are you saying you’ve not been very “German efficient” this week Seb?

Comment by Robert

And so do I. Bugger.

Comment by Will

I am not very German at all. Believe me.
Still the influence of living in London.
Though I have to admit that in London I was
very German. Always been at work on time, most times
before time. Back in Germany I instinctively fail in being at work
on time. But maybe it’s just because all my marching instead of walking, the daily singing of our anthem in front of the flag, wearing Lederhosen all day and just eating sausage and drinking beer need a counter balance.

Comment by Seb

By the way, if you read this Marcus, right now I am enjoying my coffee in a nice Bavarian Coffee Haferl with the Bavarian coat of arms on it.

Comment by Seb

I’m sure I saw you marching in London, Mr Oehme..

Comment by Will

im working as well campbell you little fucker. sure im in rio looking at hot babes in very little clothes with a steady stream of ice cold beer but its still work and i have 2 more groundhog days of it coming up. fucking fantastic

Comment by andy@cynic

Coming a little late to this partay but Frank Caliendo is awesome. Dubya impressions all around. Boom.

Comment by Sam

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