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Calling All Frogs …
April 4, 2008, 8:00 am
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french flag

There’s a planner I know who has decided to come and live in your rather pleasant country sometime later this year.

Because he doesn’t know many agencies there, I was wondering if anyone on this blog knows of a company in Paris who might be open to hiring a planner – fulltime, part time or freelance.

If there is, can you please let me know so I can pass on your details.


[Come on Digicynic, you’re one of those French-types, surely you can help?]

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Corentin Monot is a French planner in London. I’ll have a word.

Comment by Charles Frith

You are a fucking legend Mr Frith.

Comment by Rob

im feeling generous so ill talk to henri at tbwa but ill want my usual cut of 60%

Comment by andy@cynic

Don’t forget to add on the cost of the phonecall, or interenet connection if you’re using SKYPE you miserly bastard 🙂

Comment by Rob

Hi Rob,

I don’t know any agency hiring planners at the moment, but are a few french agencies to watch:

FFL (Fred&Farid)-
La Chose –
Leg –
Duke (my agency! – digital)
Marcel Paris (Fred&Farid former agency!)
Nekid (Naked) –

If your friend wants to have a few perspectives on how French approach planning, I recommend to have a read through this APG paper (
I blogged about it a while ago…

Hope this help and good luck to him


Comment by Organic frog

Wish I could help. Do you know why I ended up in England? Because I couldn’t find a job in communication in Paris! (ok that was 6 years ago and I didn’t have much experience, but still). Hate those parisian snobs. I would recommend not going.
I have warned him.

Comment by Digicynic

Organic Frog:

Thanks a ton – and welcome, hope you come back though I doubt it with my racist rants 🙂


For simply replying you get my gratitude, most people ignore me, be it my cat, wife, mum or employees so you’ve done alot for French/English relationships

Comment by Robert

Organic Frog–or any others with French market knowledge–do you happen to have any pointers to the leading/most interesting French planning blogs? I’m toying with a similar move myself one day, and interested in getting a local perspective. Much appreciated!

Comment by James

why the fuck are people wanting to go to france? women, cheese and pastries are the only acceptable answers.

Comment by andy@cynic

Bloody hell, someone else who wants to go to Frogland – what’s going on there, apart from the women, cheese and pastries?

Oh I know – it’s the heavily unionised country so people think they will only have to work 8 hours a day in advertising, you clever buggers!

Comment by Rob

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