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Schpooooky Singapore …
April 2, 2008, 7:55 am
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The Twilight Zone The Movie

So I had a breakfast meeting today with some people I’d never met before …

Because you can always tell when someone is looking around for people they’ve never met, my guests immediately walked up to the rather strange-behaving chap and said “Are you Robert Campbell?”

Of course it was … so they then proceeded to introduce themselves, except there was a problem.

“Errrrm, I’m not here to meet you.”

“What?” they replied “Aren’t you Rob Campbell?”

“Yes I am” replied the guy …

“Rob Campbell, the cynic bloke?”

“No, I’m Rob Campbell from FDA New York”

Yep, they had gone up to a completely different bloke who happened to have exactly the same name. 

OK so I know Rob Campbell is not exactly the most uncommon of names, but it’s still abit weird.

They even got a business card from the guy because they knew I’d never believe it, ha

Rob Campbell 2

So to the poor Yank who is probably going to be punched and spat on everytime he tells someone in Singapore his name, I apologise in advance.

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