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Disruption? Pissruption More Like …
March 12, 2008, 7:33 am
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Oh for fucks sake – this is just taking the piss.

Didn’t anyone hear what I said last time I wrote about this SIA/TBWA alliance?

If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Malaysian Airlines were paying for this twaddle because it single-handily is buggering up their biggest and best competitor.

And what the hell is the SIA woman doing in a hot air balloon?

OK, so it’s a step up from that 9/11 suicide plane bollocks from the last ad, but a balloon?

Maybe it’s because fuel prices have gone so high that they’ve had to launch an A380 Hot Air Balloon or maybe it’s just another example of bad disruption.

To be fair, I doubt TBWA had much to do with this rubbish – it smacks of ‘local client’ to me – but what’s scary is this sort of shit drags TBWA down as well because unlike certain clients where you can hide your immediate involvement [Spam Meat anyone?], this client is ultra-high profile so everytime you see an ad for SIA, you know you’re seeing an ad from TBWA.

As I said last time, my advice would be to just let Fred get on with what he’s brilliant at because not only could he make your communication as good as your actual flying experience, he could help re-polish TBWA’s slightly tarnished crown.

Final point why are they doing an ad for Houston in the main paper?

Given this airline route has probably been influenced by the huge amount of Asia-based oil executives flying back and forth between the two countries, wouldn’t it of been smarter to just do an DM campaign instead?

I don’t know – maybe I’m wrong – and lets be honest, even if I’m not, it’s not like SIA would appreciate it – they want to spend their think thinking up what weird scenarios they can put their ‘SIA Girls’ in.

For the World’s best and most successful airline, they sure as hell aren’t acting like it. Well, at least in their communication.

Lets hope they remember it was great advertising that let them get to where they’re at now – because the reality is not all publicity is good publicity – and this stuff is bloody terrible.

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whats the betting we get more dignified and career saving silence from fred.

that is absolutely fucking shit. even paula fucking abdul in her worst sychophantic american idol mode wouldnt be able to find a redeming feature in that bollocks.

it would seem sia are another one of those corporate twats who think a brand is a fucking template. the sia girl used to mean something, it helped build the brand so its fucking tragic their immature middle management have reduced her to just being an icon placed in ever increasing embarrassing locations on a page.

and tbwa, what the fuck are you thinking except how much cash youre pocketing.

with this sort of soulless, passive, pampering shit, i have an idea that might pull all this rubbish together and give sia a core thought rather than just place their horny babes all over the page

sia: nursing home in the sky

thats $1 million dollars please

Comment by andy@cynic

Who doesn’t want to fly to, erm, Houston. You’ve never experienced a landing as amazing as on William P. Hobby Airport before you ride downtown for a nice baseball game at the Minute Maid Park. Would be interesting to know if the people behind that thing sleep well at night. But thank you, my meeting today doesn’t feel that bad anymore when seeing that…thank you.

Comment by Seb

Why are you always the first? Are you sitting at your desk, repeatingly hitting the refresh button? Your bashing against Rob won’t get any credible while you show such an amazing affection, Andy.

Comment by Seb

As a copywriter I like the pissrution pun by the way.

Comment by Seb

i hadnt thought about that seb, maybe you could show these sia bollocks to clients and say “choose us or you might end up with that.” fucking great idea, might try that myself.

how am i always first to comment, “talent” what other reason could there be? dont be down hearted my german friend, that means you are the second most talented and thats pretty good. for a german.

good luck with your meeting, make the fucker understand you can make the public care about his heap of shit but he has to do something not just fucking say it. god im full of fucking advice today, maybe i could be made a saint.

Comment by andy@cynic

well, today turned out that the big, fat, ugly and corporate toadiness client is a dark-haired, dark-eyed, incredible looking woman. unfortunately that woman slapped me for some…erm…unbelievable misunderstandings between her and my creative direction people. which lead to me being close to amok. in the end it turned out well…only that I will spend my friday evening watching a focus group behind a mirror talking bullshit…wait, isn’t that the job the kinds of Campbell do?

Comment by Seb

hot women slapping you and you didnt have to pay them? when can i move to krautland. and campbell doesnt do research groups, he has people to do that while he does all the nice interesting and wanky stuff like csi and all that shit. he might come across as caring but he makes me look like florence fucking nightingale

Comment by andy@cynic

You want to be the first person who writes a comment Seb? I bet your winter evenings just fly by eh!

Well don’t worry, Andy flies off to Atlanta tomorrow night [my morning] so if you really, really want to, get on here about 7:40am [my time]and you can be first. Ooooh how exciting – it beats working at WK doesn’t it, ha!

Sadly for you, it’s quite a serious post, but at least you can be first and another achievement can be ticked off your list of ‘To Do’. 🙂

Andy … your first comment [emphasis on FIRST] was bloody good and sadly very accurate and personally I love “Nursing Home In The Sky” – it has to be better than what seems to be their current idea, “Humiliation In The Sky”

I wish Lee would tell us what he really thinks – maybe over a bottle or 20 of red wine?

Comment by Rob

The Singapore girl is changing gear for me lower down in an ad for an opticians. Thank you.

Comment by Charles Frith

houston, we have a problem..

Comment by lauren

Interesting weather we’re having these days.

Comment by Lee Hill

Oh Lee, you are a little tinker.

You say nothing but at the same time, you say everything – that’s the sort of shit I love and aspire to.

Comment by Rob

I don’t know what you are referring to Robert, I am simply pointing out the in climate weather we’re experiencing at the moment.

Comment by Lee Hill

You’re right of course Lee – I am obviously having a mental breakdown, or in my case, maybe a mental breakup.

Comment by Rob

The “round the world in 80 days” thing that’s going on there doesn’t quite work now does it?


Comment by Marcus

For some reason it reminds me of this board game:

Comment by Marcus

Given that it has neither a professional franchise nor (as far as i’m aware) a college team of note, why do they think Arkansas is renowned for American football rather than cigars? And don’t they launch space shuttles from Florida and not Houston?

Comment by John

Is Mr. Hill saying that he’s finding the “weather” to be very disruptive to business?

Comment by John

Resurrect Willy Fog. You can have that for free Fred.

Comment by northern

Look at that inter-office collaberation – however my discreet enquires suggest this ‘masterpiece’ may of originated from TBWA London.

I may be wrong – and I hope I am – because my old fucking boss is CD there and I always loved him, ha!

Comment by Rob

You can see the idea and then you can see as it falls off the grand canyon.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Think about the poor fucks who actually made the pile of shit. There’s nothing more depressing than shit being loved by clients that you feel is a blot on your career but then a good fucking CD wouldn’t of let it even off the pad, let alone the fucking door.

Comment by Billy Whizz

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