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Can Celebrity Endorsement Be The Kiss Of Death?
March 7, 2008, 7:16 am
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It can only be a matter of time before the Yanks elect their President via some American Idol kind of show … hell they’re not far off that now.

I know this is the ‘American Way’, but I cannot tell you how much I loath it – it’s not really about policies, it’s about showbiz.

Seriously, this clip has single handily put me off Obama and yet before that, I really liked him.

Yes I appreciate it’s his ‘advisors’ who put it out – plus in the States, they love all this celebrity bollocks – but there is the potential it could alienate a large part of the American public because, just like Al Gore and his ‘famous friends’, they might feel he is working at a level that does not include or involve them.

His saving grace is who he is up against …

And what’s all this “WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD” rubbish.

Sod changing the World – you’ve done enough of that already – how about changing your own fucking country, that would be a good start.

Jesus this sort of thing gets my goat and I know I don’t know enough about American politics or policies, but as an outsider – an outsider who is affected by many of the decisions made by that nation – I hate this EARTH’S GUARDIAN view that they’ve bestowed upon themselves.

They’re not a guardian of anything other than their own interests … if they were, then they wouldn’t of caused so many of the issues we are all now paying for decades later.

Not all Americans are bad … not all politicians are bad … not all US global policies are bad and without doubt, Obama isn’t bad … however until the myopic nature of that country stops, I have little faith the US is going to change its spots too much.

And people still ask why I don’t go back to run cynic America!

[Thanks to James ‘Lofty’ for this]

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Hmmm… I’ve seen that YouTube clip around and have been ignoring it simply because I don’t buy into this whole presidential propaganda shit that America is now famous for.

But I watched it then. I dunno if im alone here or not, but when I watch something, the first thing I notice is my initial physical reaction to what I’m experiencing. This could be a cheeky smile, nervous tensing, tapping feet excitment, blushing etc… I really notice and usually this guides how I feel about something because I believe this is as close to gut instinct as possible. How did it make me react? How did I feel?

This video, instantly I felt embarrassed. I honestly felt embarrassed for these people. The “passion” the slow, building chanting etc is just… weird. I dunno what that means… but I was actually blushing with humiliation.

Comment by Age

thats the angry bastard friend i know and like. (not love)

and wasnt it me that talked about the “gore and his friends” issue? yes it was so thanks for the reference you fucking planning parasite.

i fucking hate america at election time but im a “guest” of their nation so i have to accept their naziesque rallies even if they make me sick. pity the fuckers arent so tolerant of other countries “ways” which is why i would vote oprahs mate because he should understand more than most. but then look how condaleeza acts.

Comment by andy@cynic

thats the thing with yanks age, most of them lack an embarressment gene.

do you like robs film now?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by John

lofty? is that the fuck i brilliantly character analysed a few posts back which somehow made you and britton look good. no wonder i hate the clip.

Comment by andy@cynic

but i like you dodds you mean spirited fucker

Comment by andy@cynic

I read an article on the BBC about which candidates have got which celebs behind them.

Poor John McCain…all they could come up with was Sylvester Stallone.

Comment by Dave Mortimer

The feeling is mutual Andy.

Comment by John

Are you bored Andy? Is Mary out or something?

PS: Yes, it is the same “Lofty” – so Paul and I are still awaiting our crawling apology 🙂

Comment by Rob

I think Sony should be really proud. It’s a great follow up to their Bravia Balls spot. Of which Rob was also instrumental in the planning stage.

Comment by Tom from Perth

The real reason you don’t come back to America to run cynic is because 300 million Americans don’t want you here. Obviously I’d love you back because you’re quite nice really and I know how much you admire me and want to give me a big pay rise at the earliest opportunity.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s right Tom – I’ve written one idea and flogged it to as many companies I could over as many years as possible which is why I don’t live in Perth 🙂

Comment by Rob

Well Billy, your dreams might just be answered soon – but not interms of payrises, you’re lucky people even talk to you!

Comment by Rob

I’m going to have nightmares.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’m seriously regretting sending you this Rob – I watched it again and now I cannot get the bloody tune out of my head. It’s probably just my innate Britishness, but I find the stadium crowd chanting Obama very sinister – like he’s a cult leader… I can just see the twats who made this all high-fiving each other saying ‘we’ve got the youth, black and hispanic demographics like sooooo covered.’ Arse.

Comment by lofty

Some people will claim this “memorability” is a good thing for Obama – but they need to remember there is also negative memorability, which Hitler obviously knows alot about.

Awareness is a metric I absolutely detest – it is the excuse for those who are lazy and self indulgent – but that’s an argument for another day.

And I love they’re using some sort of revolutionary chant in the clip given the US is hardly the greatest ambassador for anyone who expresses a revolutionary ‘slant’.

Comment by Rob

I think Hillary Clinton is going to win it.

Comment by Charles Frith

who ever wins – we all loose. We always do, that’s the way of the world.

Comment by Marcus

I am sure it’s because I am English, but I did enjoy this post. Of course you were your usual blunt self, but you (or Andy) raise some interesting points.

I know your good colleagues had a very different point of view, but I still think you were onto something when you said you wanted to turn cynic into a politically motivated agency.

I believe the time may be right for a company to actively fly the flag for improving society while still fulfilling clients commercial obligations.

In fairness you do a lot of that sort of thing already, but maybe the time is right for you to really make a big deal of it.

Just take my consultancy fee off our retainer.

Comment by Lee Hill

That’s deep Marcus … deep, deep, deep 🙂

And Lee, don’t tell me – tell George and Andy, they’re the fence sitters, haha!

Comment by Rob

Is Lee subtly telling you he doesn’t like what you’re doing at the moment? I’m sure that will be reflected in the consultancy fee.

Comment by John

Who knows John, but given you just MSN’d me the following …

“After all he doesnt work for a company that uses celebrity endorsement does he”

… I doubt he’ll be following your advice ever again!

Comment by Rob

He’s wisely never even sough my advice so far but I rest assured that he knows all about your selective quoting past.

Comment by John

Is your last comment an example of your bad spelling or typing ability John?

Comment by Rob

pot kettle black

Comment by John

Why are you talking about snooker?

Comment by Rob

I liked it. You can kill me now.
But until now I am not sure what to think.
I really liked Obama for his eloquence and the seed of hope he planted with every word he said. He gives people something to believe in. The word “hope” in the US is owned by Barack Obama What he does, is fucking brilliant. He gets people to go voting thought there is shite weather. Show me a European who does his voting when there is shit weather.
Since Kennedy and Luther King there wasn’t such a movement. But here is where it’s getting stupidly American. I didn’t like the comparison. Sure, people believe in him probably as much as in Luther King or Kennedy. But both of them had something to say.
Until now Obama only said that “we can”. But not how.

Anyway just imagine a brand could make people believe in them just as he did. Would be awesome. Maybe NIKE is close to that.

And sorry Mrs. Campbell for the use of swearwords. 🙂
And sorry Lauren for holding NIKE’s torch in the wind.

Comment by Seb

The spectacle of celebrity endorsement is unfortunately a major draw card for voters and like many industries where employees serve little intrinsic value to society, there are many who will willingly lend their name to a cause where they feel the benefit also includes enhancing their own “important” credentials.
Despite so many of these vanilla entertainers jumping on the Obama bandwagon, I like him and would probably give him my vote, though an Obama/Clinton tag team would assure it.
What bothers me is when people say Obama is up there with the likes of JFK and Martin Luther Kin.
As I mentioned, I do like him but there is a huge difference between Obama and say Martin Luther King because as Seb pointed out, one say’s he has a dream where as the other actually expressed what that dream was.
It’s going to be an interesting time.

Comment by George

you always lower the tone of debate on this blog george. stop it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yo George, stop ruining it for the rest of us.

Comment by Billy Whizz

What can I say, I’m just an “intelligent debate” party pooper

Comment by George

i find it interesting that obama is getting compared to two presidents who were assassinated for their beliefs and the change they wanted to implement. which means he is running in a country that, no matter how many celebrity blowjobs the guy gets, there are people who ultimately have a great passion in maintaining conservative politics and dominating markets.

and seb, no gold star for you. nike make people believe, but they only make people believe up to a point which will benefit them for profit. if they really truly cared about belief, they wouldn’t be a shoe company, they would be a charity.

Comment by lauren

oh freeeeeed… lauren has some toto porn for you

Comment by andy@cynic

unfortunately fred, the photo probably won’t make it into a digital visual format, so you’re going to have to use your imagination 🙂

Comment by lauren

i bet hes got a fuck load of mental images that he stores for “emergencies”

Comment by andy@cynic

what, like when he can’t remember the chord progression from the third sub-chorus to the fourth pre-verse bridge of ‘caught in the balance’?

Comment by lauren

caught in the balance? what the fuck is that? its not a toto song is it? oh fuck lauren, whats happened, theres only 3 toto songs normal people are allowed to know and thats certainly not one of them. youre a fucking closet toto fan arent you. my love is wavering now. why the fuck did you have to ruin something so beautiful.

Comment by andy@cynic

In America we Trust (to fuck things up).

I took part in a discussion where Obama was being compared to Mandela. He certainly isnt a Mandella, nor a Luther King, but he is giving people hope that not only can the US be a much better place. But that people in other countries can start to trust the US again after a long long period of time where frankly I would rather trust a vampire with my blood donations.

American politics is dirty and money led, and whoever wins we lose. But honestly, never before has a candidate in a US election made me feel that just maybe, just maybe the US can become a respected nation once again. And regardless of his flaws that would get my vote were I a US citizen.

If you want to be proud of America, show the world that for once you can pick the right person.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

don’t wanna be a nitpicker but Luther King wasn’t a president.
at least Obama doesn’t open the door to images like “the candidate that is named after frozen french fries in all variations” or “the candidate with the husband who converted the oval into the oral office”. it’s not much but at least it’s something.

Comment by Seb

and for Christ’s sake can we please remember the “one swear word = one :-)” rule? where have all your manners gone? what should Mrs Campbell think?

Comment by Seb

Sorry Mrs C:


Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh, and in response to Charles.

The Republicans do NOT want Obama. They will do everything possible to make sure Clinton wins.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I don’t do deep. I do hungover.

Comment by Marcus

Jesus it’s all been going on here hasn’t it.

And while Martin Luther King wasn’t president, FDR was – and I believe Obama has been compared to him [who obviously was shot] so I think he and JFK are the presidents Lauren is referring to who were assassinated.

Though with Australian history being quite like American [reinvented to suit their own needs/wants] who can be sure 🙂

Comment by Rob

And in response to Mr M who was responding to Charles, I do believe you’re right, which shows how powerful Obama’s election campaign is, given he’s still managing to – in many cases – overturn Hillary’s unrivaled experience, multi, multi-million dollar campaign fund as well as subliminal [and sometimes not so subliminal] Republican support.

But a lot can happen at the ‘day of reckoning’ so we’ll just have to wait and see I guess …

Comment by Robert

i know that martin luther kind wasn’t a president. i just chose the wrong word. sorry. i should have just described him and JFK as men who have been assassinated for their beliefs. i’ll try for that not to happen again.

[there’s your current australian response to history, rob]

and andy, there’s this cool thing called ‘google’…. 🙂

Comment by lauren

The fact you ‘googled’ Toto song titles doesn’t make it any better Lauren – and trust me, as much as a technophobe Andy is, he knows Google better than most, and scarily, he actually likes them.

Unlike Marcus 🙂

Comment by Rob

I once had a super embarrassing but well meaning laugh about MLK.

In school Drama exams we did a piece celebrating Martin Luther King, and our teacher asked whether we did it because the exam date was the anniversary of his death. We said yes.

We had NO idea.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

you have corporate agency head written all over you for that moment of situation exploitation. youll go far mortimer but maybe politics is your real fucking calling?

Comment by andy@cynic

Nah, as I said; the intention was good.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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