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Profitable Blogging …
February 20, 2008, 7:22 am
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Given yesterday’s post, what I am about to write is especially pleasing – however I appreciate anyone who has read Affluenza may see it as a demonstration of me completely missing the point of the book, ha!


Remember that post I wrote where I said I’d like to get a company to take a stand against  ‘vulgar displays of wealth’?

Well a rather large UK based organisation saw it and – without going into all the details – have appointed cynic to help them develop the idea so they can become a living, breathing “Community Champion”.

My first reaction was that I should immediately write some posts about NIKE, LEVIS, HEINEKEN and PLAYSTATION – but as my rants about Wunderman and the like didn’t get any positive response – I’ve just put it down to luck.

Still, nice to know that this blogging lark isn’t a complete waste of time. Occasionally. 🙂

[Sorry, can’t say who the company is at the moment, legal ‘issues’]

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