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February 13, 2008, 9:02 am
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...Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word...

I know I said I was away, but I couldn’t let the events of the past 24-48 hours pass without making comment …

Today the Australian Government made the landmark decision to publicly apologise for the terrible acts its indigenous people were subjected to as part of [previous generations] Government policy.

[Policies, lets not forget, that were created and developed by the British]

This has been a very contentious issue with people divided over whether an apology should or should not take place – but my belief is that for progression you need closure – so whilst there is lots of talk as regards legal ramifications, I genuinely believe this is a major step forward for both Australian society and humanity as a whole.

How sad that amongst all this good news, we learn that Korea’s historical and majestic Namdaemun has been burnt down to the ground by a man with a grudge and some matches.

This was a building that had survived centuries of war, invasion and weather – and it’s a tragedy that it has gone – especially because like the Taj Mahal, it served as a magnet to other nations and cultures to learn, engage and understand Korea and it’s people.

I know some people may claim that in the theory of Ying and Yang these two events represent ‘balance’ – but just for once, it’d be nice if we had an over-supply of ‘good’.

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I like when you show this side of you. Too many people think you’re just an argumentative bugger but this post shows you fight for what is right not just for the sake of the rant, though your Heather Mills post sort of undermines my praise 🙂
See you Friday.

Comment by Pete

are you one of those closet “married gays” pete?

seriously why dont you just say you want to fuck him and be done with it.

hell say no, but northern might be up for it, he said he loved me on some post yesterday

give my love and commiserations to sarah 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

very sad to hear about Namdaemun. overfuckingjoyed to witness the formal apology this morning. i cried like a fucking baby.

Comment by lauren

You’re sounding more and more like Andy everyday Lauren and I don’t know if that’s cool or scary 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

hmmm.. andy isn’t exactly known for either his solemnity or his crying; so i’m hoping that it’s the language that you’re referring to billy, or we’re dropped.

Comment by lauren

You haven’t seen Andrew after a board meeting Lauren.

Lovely post Robert, more of this and less of the Mills rubbish. Please.

Comment by George

I’m glad they have made that apology. It is long overdue and will make most of the world see Australia in a better light.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i agree about the apology being important for closure, but my first reaction upon hearing the news on the radio this morning was : “yeah, ok, so what else is being done?” i suppose the most important thing is for them to follow it up with action and not just apologies. nonetheless, a good first step 🙂

Comment by theletterzee

does this mean we can also expect an apology for australia subjecting the world to that stuck up, gingerminged bitch kidman?

fucking hope so, shes more offensive than pol pot.

ps – i hope everyone noticed georges debut as a comedian 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

“Now now, the Canadian government has already apologised for Bryan Adams on several occasions.”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Is he available for weddings and bar-mitzvahs?

Comment by John

hey zee – we’re all with you on that one.

the opposition party have made it clear that they intend to make the process as difficult as possible, but there have been some clear committments made today about it not just being an empty promise, but one backed up with action.

but seeing as the simple act of apologising took 12 years, it’s still a good day.

Comment by lauren

andy, we’ll apologise for nicole kidman, if you apologise for tom cruise, george bush, jim and tammy bakker, the george foreman grill, your tourists and the olsen twins.

Comment by lauren

Nice comeback Lauren.

Don’t forget Bill O Reily, George Bush Snr, Condoleza Rice etc…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

why the fuck would i apologise for those american fuckers when i come from the mighty blighty. the only reason im here is to keep the women satisfied.

Comment by andy@cynic

Because who else do we know in the US with a penchant for revenge on the ignorant?

Comment by Rob Mortimer


Comment by andy@cynic

oh andy, oh andy, you are back again.
the fireworks in my heart are rocketing into the sky.
the dark months are over. hooray.

Comment by Seb

You have much work to do Andy

Comment by John

too fucking right im back seb, how the fuck are you?

as for you dodds, its only because you humour me that i let you get away with your immature wit. that and the fact you have “real man” perv tendencies even if they only come to fruition via your right hand and imagination. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by andy@cynic

george, i just noticed your hilarious comment. and i can’t tell you how much i love the fact that you called andy “andrew”. i’m going to follow suit from now on 🙂

Comment by lauren

wheres the love lauren? fuck if you cant “put out” on valentines day when can you?

if i didnt know better id say you were so frigid a light comes on whenever you open your mouth.

old joke i know but that never stops campbell 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

roses are red and fuck you Boucher.


Comment by The Kaiser

it’s valentine’s day?

Comment by lauren

Every valentines day do you have buy your ex wives half a card each Andy?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

you smooth talker kaiser. i knew you wanted me but youre only human.

dont tell me you didnt get fuckloads of love this valentines day lauren. i know aussie men are generally thick (or gay) but theyre not that fucking daft.

and mortimer, every day is valentines day for my exes because they get a monthly cheque from me to buy shoes or whatever the thieving parasites spend it on. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Hi Rob,

I’ve been a somewhat regular follower of your blog (since my Professor Mark Chong told us about it) but this is my first time commenting.

I first read about the Stolen Generations as part of a class discussion on racism and cultural assimilation, and was extremely shocked that a) it happened and b)the government never formally apologised for it.

I guess its a big deal because on a government level especially, sorry is hardly a word used at all. Its either a stubborn insistence on being right, or an awkward side-stepping around an actual apology. Yet, a simple, sincere apology is usually all that’s needed before one human being forgives the other.

Comment by Nabilah

Who is this Professor Mark Chong and why is he leading his students astray?

Comment by John

Hello Nabilah – great to have you pop along and I hope it’s the first of many. [Ignore John, he’s just a cranky old man who has no friends 🙂 ]

I think the word that is the most important here is not ‘sorry’ [though it’s obviously vital] but ‘sincerity’ because without that, words spoken are just empty.

Do I think the Australian Government are truly sorry for the misdeeds of the past?

Yep – however it still sort of pisses me off that the language used in the statement was obviously very carefully chosen to ensure no possibility of legal ramifications.

I can understand why they did that … but if the PM of Australia had not expressed his sorrow with genuine sincerity … it could of come across as political playmaking rather than a desire to truly move forward as one united country.

For me actions always speak louder than words – so now the apology has been made, it’s up to them to prove they mean it.

Early signs are positive, but a few high-profile ‘cultural investments’ won’t make up for the decades of abuse – this is longterm intergration and there’s a lot of wounds to heal on both sides.

Still, as I said – it’s great it happened because too many people think ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ is the best policy, however nothing great can happen when grievences are left to foster.

Comment by Rob

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