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Is This The Weirdest / Wrongest / Funniest / Bizarrest / Maddest Quote Ever?
February 12, 2008, 10:46 am
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Talking about his alleged 6 month affair with Heather Mills, Film Editor Tim Steel said …

“Heather has a very unusual erogenous zone – her stump. I used to massage one particular area and it gave her an orgasm.”

OK, so it is quite possibly one of the most unsexy images ever [well, if I don’t include the dream I had featuring Ethel from Eastenders] but how mental is that quote???

I know I should find it rather sad and disturbing, but as it involves Paul McCartney – the Andrew Ridgely of The Beatles * – I just find it disturbingly funny.

If you asked Macca which retail brand he’d compare Heather Mills to [as you do] I reckon he’d say The Reject Shop … because she’s slightly damaged goods that are far more common than you’ve been led to believe at a price that is way more than you’d of expected to pay.

That’ll teach him to marry on the rebound!

Does that make me evil?  Don’t answer that …

* That was just for you Rachel!

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Why Robert? Why?

Comment by Lee Hill

There are so many answers Lee, all completely immature and superflous – just put it down to a moment of boredom as I wait to bugger off again 🙂

Comment by Rob

There I was, worried and ashamed about my Gary Glitter comment from yesterday and then you come up with this. I feel better now.


Comment by The Kaiser

I only did it to make you feel better Kaiser – that’s the kind of good guy I am. Cough Cough.

Comment by Rob

Now I understand why your wife is not saddened by your absence on the day of romance.

Comment by John

Not to mention why Macca is divorcing the money-sucking peg leg!

Comment by Rob

Wings is proof of just how important John Lennon was…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

jesus christ rob – first it’s mr beadle, then millsy… i’m seeing a pattern here and it’s not lookin’ pretty.

Comment by lauren

beadle was innocent, mills is as guilty as fuck. besides, if he wasnt writing this shit hed be writing more of his planning bollocks so be grateful for one legged mercies.

Comment by andy@cynic

This post makes me very sad

Comment by northern

Why does this post make you sad Northern? Did Mills not moan in ecstacy when you caressed her stump. Don’t worry she did the same to me. Or didn’t if you know what I mean. Bitch 🙂

Comment by Billy Whizz

So wrong and yet so right

Comment by northern

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