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This Is A Totally Innocent Question And Any Resemblance To An Agency Practicing This Behaviour Is Purely Coincidental …
February 11, 2008, 7:12 am
Filed under: Subliminal Hatred

Would you say an advertising agency that won AGENCY OF THE YEAR many years previously are rather sad if they continue to plaster the ‘achievement’ all over their stationary and office?  

Maybe the folk who run these awards could help clear up the confusion by supplying ‘stickers’ with each trophy so that as each year passes, they indicate just when the award was won.

 Think how much easier it would be for prospective clients to judge an agencies credentials if they knew the people they were dealing with were actually “AGENCY OF [LAST] YEAR” or “AGENCY OF THE YEAR [1982]

Hey, I’m just trying to work in the best interests of clients – it has nothing to do with me wanting to wipe the smug smiles off agencies who act like they’re God’s Gift despite having done nothing worthy of note since 1827!

Cough Cough. Hmmmmn, is it me or is it dusty in here? 

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oh yes. oh i approve of this. kick em campbell, kick them where it hurts. if this is how you are after mini holidays you should have more of them because this is the campbell i love, the other one is just “nice”

operation justice is all systems go. im fucking excited.

Comment by andy@cynic

it’s not just agencies that do this – restaurants, newspapers, magazines, website, car brands and wineries all right on the coat tails of ‘such-and-such of the year’. perhaps it’s even the ‘agency of the year’ who encourages their clients to promote themselves in this way!

Comment by lauren

They probably don’t have anything else to talk about !

Comment by bhaskar

I would say you’re 1000% right Bhaskar – or at least nothing to talk about other than the fact they’ve won some more new business which is guaranteed to come out as yet more World-class bland, boring, generic “wallpaper” communication.

However as this is a hypothetical post, we’ll never know for sure will we. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Why do I think we might get to hear more about this “issue” in the subsequent months? It sounds like there may be some infectious menace brewing.

Comment by Lee Hill

Only in a hypothetical sense Lee … probably 🙂

Comment by Rob

It’s blatantly misleading to just say “Agency of the Year” unless you won this year or the year before.

I am all for year adding…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well Rob, on the bright side the award does only say “Agency of the Year” as opposed to “Advertising Agency of the Year” that’s when I’d really be worried. Hypothetically speaking of course.

Comment by Hari

That is a very good point Hari, especially as the word ‘agency’ is ambigious – so maybe the award was not for advertising but for wallpaper. Maybe. If this was for some company that really existed.

Comment by Rob

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