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She Didn’t Say “Obey” In Our Vows, But [Occasionally] She Does Do As I Ask!!! [And It’s Always Seems To Be The Daft Stuff!]
February 11, 2008, 9:20 am
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So as you know, Jill and I buggered off on a mini-holiday while the Chinese New Year festivities were on. 

Anyway we had an amazing time and despite only being away for 4 days, we now feel more relaxed than we have in years.

To prove this point, I’d like you to check out a video I took while we were there …

Let me set the scene: Jill and I are all dressed up and literally on our way out to a lovely dinner at a lovely restaurant.

[I apologise that it is so dark and that I seemingly laugh like Ricky Gervais]

God my wife is wonderful! Mad, but bloody wonderful!

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I love this video because you can tell by your voice you didn’t think she was going to jump in.
Before you end up mimicking Ricky Gervais (which you do, which is scary) you sound like an 8 year old school boy who is getting more and more excited as he watches a teacher heading towards a banana skin he left on the floor for him to slip on.
Why Jill is married to you is beyond me, but you do seem a perfect pair. A perfect pair of nutters 🙂

Comment by Pete

Yes Pete, I am aware that I get more and more excited as I realise my wife might actually jump into a swimming pool fully clothed.

The thing is, until I heard the splash I genuinely thought she wasn’t going to do it – so when it happened, I just turned into some gay-sounding Ricky Gervais … which is even more disturbing than having a wife who will happily humour me at her own expense!

Comment by Rob

i love your fucking wife, which is different to saying i love fucking your wife. remember that for next time you decide to insult mary 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

It was just a slip of the tongue Andy.

Oh hang on, that makes it sound even worse 🙂

Comment by Rob

Glad things went swimmingly…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Boom tish …

Come on Mr M, you can do better than that 🙂

Comment by Rob

As South Africa would’ve said “Jill makes a splash”

Comment by Hari

She doesn’t deserve you.

Good afternoon.

Comment by The Kaiser

What I want to know is what happened when you got to the restaurant!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thank you Kaiser – that’s what I think too.

As for what happened when we got to the restaurant – nothing happened because I went alone – as if I’d be seen in the company of someone in that state 🙂

Comment by Rob

This post and the comments are fucking hilarious!

Great to have you back matey.

Comment by Age

as if jill wasn’t going to jump in fully clothed! she’s fucking brilliant… rob, you, on the other hand, have a very high-pitched voice, don’t you dear! ha!

Comment by lauren

to be fair lauren dearest, campbell does acknowledge his “dog whistle” voice but from now on i will be refering to him as roberta.

Comment by andy@cynic

yeas… that sounds rather like i’m telling him something he doesn’t know. i meant to say ‘you DO have a very high-pitched voice, don’t you’… whatever. i laughed my arse off anyway.

Comment by lauren

He sounds like a child, which is unfortunate because they are considering letting Gary Glitter out of prison.

Comment by The Kaiser

that is a fucking terrible thing to say marcus. well done.

Comment by andy@cynic

I think George will be cross.

Comment by The Kaiser

actually, I’m cross with myself. I’d like to apologise for that comment. Sorry.

Comment by The Kaiser

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