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I Can Turn Back Time …
February 5, 2008, 9:10 am
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) Understated As Usual

I saw The Police in concert last night – 25 years since I last saw them play live.

And you know what, they were pretty good – and I’m not saying because they’re a bunch of guys who could feasibly be my Dad.

To be honest I was quite apprehensive about seeing them again because their last gig left such an amazing impression on me and I didn’t want that memory tarnished, but I needn’t of worried because they were tops.

Sure Stewart Copeland now resembles the mad scientist from ‘Back To The Future’, Andy Summers has jowls a bloodhound would be jealous of and Sting looks sickeningly great – but as a live unit, they were tight, fun to watch and brimming with the sort of energy you’d expect from a band full of 20 year olds, not blokes pushing for their pensions.

05/02/2008 Sting’s Ego Enters The Room

It has been well documented how Sting’s overinflated ego split the band.

The fact Stewart Copeland used to have “STING IS A C**T” written in big letters on his drum skins [so Sting could see it, but the audience could not] pretty much sums up the troubles in the band, however whether it’s because of age or that he’s seen how Bono comes across [ha!] Sting has obviously changed because there was real warmth between the guys last night.

And I think that was the problem.

05/02/2008 Cliche ‘Slow Song’ Lighting

The last time I saw them, The Police were at the height of their fame.

They were number 1 all over the World in both the album and single charts, playing massive sold-out stadiums and gigging with a huge entourage consisting of backing singers, musicians and a full-on horn section.

Without doubt the sound they created was immense [by comparison, they just played as a 3-piece last night] but the tension in the band was so palpable that you felt they were playing with ferocity rather than energy. 

It was if they were all trying to leave the other members behind – and while you may think this would lead to an awful, noisy mess – it didn’t, it led to it being one of the most exciting gigs I’ve ever seen, which is why as much as I enjoyed last night and they played with flair, energy and passion – the fact there is obviously a more peaceful atmosphere within the band – led to that unquantifiable magic’ just not quite being there.

That sounds harsh because they genuinely were great – and far better than alot of bands gigs I’ve been to – but as I wrote in a post a while back, creative tension makes magic happen and without it, The Police are less of a ‘force’. [Excuse the pun!]

The other thing that’s funny about this gig is that it seemed every expat in Singapore was there. And most of them were in the cheap seats, haha!

Seriously, I’ve been going to gigs for almost 30 years and never have I been in a place where I knew so many people – and I’m a deeply unpopular man!

Anyway, it was a surprisingly great night and if I have half as much energy as the member of The Police when I’m their age, I’ll be doing OK – though I hope I never get that ‘Sting Smugness’ about me. 🙂

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2/1 they played “Every Breath” as the encore.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m impressed Lee – yes they did.

Did you know that because you saw them on a previous date or are you basing it on them being wiley old “showbiz” foxes who know how to tease an audience with their setlist?

I shouldn’t be surprised because Queen used to do it with Bohemian Rhapsody but you’re a client – and as we all know – intelligence shouldn’t be part of your DNA 🙂

[I saw your cheeky comment about planners on the ‘Churchill’ post so it’s only fair I respond, ha!]

Comment by Robert

was sting tantric fucking the audience?
does that mean jill is pregnant?
how come you get another fucking holiday?
i want answers. answers.

Comment by andy@cynic

They’re a tribute band now.

Comment by John

1. Probably, but I thought he was crap 🙂

2. If she is, I’m going to be rich by suing Sting.

3. It’s my duty to follow Asian convention.

Given you have spent more time with me in the last week than you have in the last year – I can only assume your anger at me having a FOUR DAY HOLIDAY is because you’ve realised how much you need me for your life to feel fulfilled 🙂

How the hell you can complain when you and George had weeks and weeks of peaceful holiday is beyond me plus you’re pissing off to Italy for a “shoot” so if anyone should be feeling hard done by, it’s me 🙂

However as underneath it all, you’re a nice enough man, I’ll leave you with this …

Emah has just come in and asked me how the gig was. When I told her it was good but not as great as when I saw them 25 years ago she replied that was before she was even born.

Yeah laugh it up buddy, you’re even older than me!

Comment by Robert

This from a man who only stays up late at night to watch CSI and write comments on my blog.

I bet Sting is quaking in his boots 🙂

Comment by Robert

I just know what a tart Sting is.

Thank goodness you’re going on holiday, I might be able to get back into the spirit of work.

Have a good time, see you next week.

Comment by Lee Hill

If you paid money to see the Police in concert you need a holiday because that’s only a small step away from finding yourself at an Eagles gig 🙂
Have a good time.

Comment by Pete

even though this will fuck off dodds, i love emah.

and im choosing to ignore the rest of your comment bollocks on the grounds of maturity.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m sure that breaches employment laws Andy.

Comment by John

not when your company is registered in outer fucking mongolia

Comment by andy@cynic

firstly, no-one sings Roxanne better than Eddie Murphy in 48hours [ipod singing v1.0]

secondly, you’re now the 3rd person i’ve heard went to see them and you don’t wanna know what kind of company you’re keeping there rob [hint: mostly belgians and swedes]

thirdly, best gig i ever saw were a friend’s band, where the bass player and the singer were lovers and in the middle of the nastiest break-up ever. talk about on-stage tension!

now, this ‘freeze’ – does it have anything to do with marcus’ black operatives exercise?

see you when you get back!

Comment by lauren

So basically you’re saying I went to a gig that was frequented by a load of ‘Fred’ clones.

Well I don’t care … I can take it and whatever way you look at it, it’s not fucking Toto is it 🙂

I can actually beat your ‘musical tension’ story.

Years ago I went to see the band ‘Badlands’ play in Nottingham. Unfortunately that day, the singer had an interview published which said how he hated his bandmates and that after this tour he was out of there.

Suddenly the gig was a sell out because people wanted to see what would go down – and after about 10 mins, they got what they wanted to see.

As the singer announced to the crowd he’d been “misquoted”, the guitarist [ex-Ozzy player] Jake E Lee, leant over and punched him in the face.

Within minutes the band were all kicking the shit out of eachother which led to them being pulled off the stage which led to the crowd basically going into full riot mode and wrecking the venue.

I didn’t do anything – I was cowering in the corner – but it certainly was the best demonstration of ‘musical differences I’ve ever seen’.

Still, the all time best has to be when the band Poison were doing a gig and the guitarist stopped the concert to say he had an important announcement to make. To a shocked crowd, he apologised for having an affair with his drummers wife to which the drummer jumped down and promptly beat the crap out of him.

Now that is Rock n Roll – none of this Oasis kiddy stuff 🙂

Comment by Robert

Why do I always get the blame?

Morning (new day – same mood).

Comment by The Kaiser

Peace and love dudes!

Comment by John

You need some more sleep I think John! 🙂

Comment by Rob

I know its airbrushed tofuck, but CHer looks a right horny bitch int hat photo.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Can anyone spot who is the most drunk person on this blog? Well done Billy, you finally win something other than your usual ad awards, ha!

My advice is that you don’t pull the old “I’m ill” excuse in the morning because the evidence of your debauchery is here for all to see.

Including your boss 🙂

Comment by Rob

i cast no blame marcus.

Comment by lauren

billy, go to bed. for fuck’s sake! 🙂

Comment by lauren

Careful Lauren – you could turn into the ‘Mummy’ of this blog with comments like that.

Albeit a swearing Mummy.

Comment by Rob

is that a threat?


Comment by lauren

Not as much as saying people who go to see The Police are Belgium or Swedes.


Comment by Rob

The Police? Oh dear…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Sorry Rob, I’ll make sure I’ll go to The Smiths reunion when it happens. Of course I’ll take a sawn-off shotgun, but at least I’ll be there 🙂

Comment by Rob

As long as you only get Morrissey and not the others…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Leave the Swedes out of this.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

I’m a huge fan of Sting but I have no idea of such a tension in the Police. Probably because I was too young to even know what music was when the group soared to fame then. I would never have guessed that he used to have such an ego though.

Comment by Julie, writer

youre too young and innocent to be on this blog julie but by fuck, im glad that you are.

come and entertain the sad bastards who hang out here with stories of finance, youthful exuberance or just plain sting fantasies 🙂

you are a bright spot in an otherwise dull fucking day.

Comment by andy@cynic

hey andy, i hear knitting is a good thing to do if you’re bored.

Comment by lauren

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