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All Things Considered, I Was Wrong!
February 2, 2008, 9:26 am
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Mr M called me on my insensitive Jeremy Beadle post and you know what, he was absolutely right to do that.

Just because this guy was a celebrity ‘prankster’ doesn’t mean I can be so tactless – he never did me any harm and from what I know of him, he never did anyone else any real harm either.

Posts like that are pretty cheap – especially when the guy has just passed away –  so I just want to genuinely and publically apologise for that moment of thoughtlessness.

I know some people may think I’m taking the piss with this post, but I can reassure them I’m not – if anyone had been so insensitive about my Father when he died, I’d of wanted to kill them – so if I offended anyone I am very sorry and I promise in the future, my evil will only be aimed at those who truly deserve it. Like ad agencies and corporations.

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