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I’m Going To Hell Anyway, So What’s Another Black Mark Against My Name …
February 1, 2008, 3:12 pm
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Jeremy Beadle: RIP

[If you don’t know who he is or why alot of Brits will find this funny, ask someone on the blog to explain – though whatever they say, they’re going to look a sick bastard]

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I can sense George hovering over this post with a big stick. Waiting he is. Watching he is.

Waiting to punish.

Comment by The Kaiser

Yes. I wish I wasn’t so hasty with my sickness!

Comment by Robert

I think you’ve gone too far this time. Humiliating and embarrassing defenceless people is unfunny and Mr. Beadle would never be associated with such things.

Comment by John

Beadle’s already in hell, he’ll be waiting…

Comment by northern

He’ll be waiting?

What with?

A whoopee cushion and camera crew?

And John, I do agree with you but given no one has smacked George W for doing exactly the same thing, I think I’ll survive.

Comment by Robert

Don’t know but I hope you’re Game for a Laugh

Comment by northern

That was very weak NP, very weak.

Lets put it down to the mental workload you seem to have on your plate at the moment because I know you are capable of much, much better.

If you need someone to talk to regarding work stress, maybe you should look up Sangsoo – he doesn’t work for TBWA, but I am sure he would have some choice words of encouragement for you … unless you cry, he is not good with people who cry 🙂

Comment by Robert

That’s harsh!
Actually, I doubt he’ll be in hell considering the 100million+ he raised for charitable causes.

A surprisingly smart and likable guy by all accounts… and you mock a disability of a dead guy?! tut…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i take it from your fawning praise of “mr claw” that beadle was your uncle then mr mortimer 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Nope, just thought that mocking the dead for their disabilities was a bit too harsh!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

First John makes a killer comment and now Mortimer stands up against Rob’s insensitive pic while also telling my boss to basically shut the fuck up.
I’m starting to love these guys. LOVE. There is some serious sick shit that’s going on here and it frightens me, it frightens the fuck out of me. The only treatment I can prescribe is to get seriously slaughtered on the sort of beer that’s all about the alcohol and zero taste so I guess Lauren won’t be joining me.

Comment by Billy Whizz

so youre happy I’ve been told to shut the fuck up are you? good job I’m still in holiday mode. but I won’t be on monday. have a nice weekend, it could be the last one where you have any money to spend 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

you are such a fucking softy but thats why i love you. good move campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

heh. andy said love.

well done rob. mrs c – you don’t have to worry, your son has a conscience.

Comment by lauren

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