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R.I.P.? I Hope Not …
January 11, 2008, 6:29 am
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Fred? / Hari? / Mr M? / Gareth? / Paul? [have you joined the CIA?] / NP? [yes you’ve started a new job, but now is the time to set precedents]  and Lauren? [who has sort-of updated but not enough, and same goes for Age]

… and while I’m at it, where the hell’s Jade and Will disappeared too? [That is not meant to imply they’ve gone somewhere together!]

Actually there’s alot of people/blogs who seem to think it’s OK to be on holiday DESPITE IT NOW BEING THE 11th DAY OF THE NEW YEAR – so if you could all get back to work [read: posting] I’d be grateful because not only do you teach me stuff, you give me a credible excuse not to do any real work! [It’s research innit!]

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