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Who’d Own A Lunch Box Like This: The Reveal
January 10, 2008, 7:15 am
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Surely not – it’s Marcus for christsake, he doesn’t do ‘normal’. [and I love him for it!]

What is rather sad however, is that the lunchbox actually does belong to him – it’s not one of his daughters – infact it was given to him by his beloved, Eva.

Those crazy Germans eh?!

Anyway I would of accepted any of the following answers …




Sad Bastard

… however as no one got it completely right [I’m not counting Lee’s smartarse answer though Jemma does need congratulating on her lateral thinking] I have decided to award the ‘top prize’ to Niko for no other reason than I can.

So Niko, if you email me your address details I’ll get the book sent over ASAP.

Well done – though it’s hardly like you’ve won Mastermind 🙂

PS: The reason Marcus made a wrong suggestion is not because his shed has driven him mad, it was because I asked him to so you’d all be put ‘off the scent’. As cunning as a fox. Ahem.

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