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December 4, 2007, 7:00 am
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I’m writing a piece on corporate environments and as usual, I’m turning to anyone who reads this blog for help.

Basically if any of you have the time or the inclination, I’d be really interested to see what your office/desk looks like as well as whether you feel this is condusive to making you work/feel better and/or more efficiently.

As usual the photos won’t be seen by anyone else … this is just for me … so if you could help [and I wouldn’t be shocked if you said ‘no’] I’d be ever so grateful. [Email here]

For the record, this is my wall …

… and this is my table …

… and while the space isn’t exactly brilliant, being surrounded by so much weird and wonderful ‘stuff’ does ensure [1] I am exposed to things that are interesting and engaging and [2] I’m not going to fall into corporate mediocrity!

Right, that’s me … now what about you?

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I’m sure you realise that with one of your photos featuring a boob radio, balloons, goal posts, books by Viz and Tango and Pepperami character dolls, it looks more like some seaside “novelty” shop than an office. I guess it could be worse, it could feature those horrible speakers you have in cynic new work. Another Andy “good idea” 🙂
My picture is on its way. It’s really good to have you back.

Comment by Pete

HOLY SHIT I can see the books I gave you sitting on the table. What a cool spin out!!
Have you had a chance to read them yet, Rob? I’d be keen to know what you thought of each.
I’d post a pic of my desk but it’s all boxed up at the moment as we are moving offices.

Comment by Age

Hi mate … yes they are on my desk and yes I have read them. I am slack because I should of told you – sorry – and to be honest, I really liked them, especially BE.

You should see the comment I’ve just written to COLOUR_ME_RED because whilst it’s yet another CEO writing his views, philosophies and thoughts – your guy [at least at the beginning] lived his words rather than just went for the attention.

How are you my son?

Comment by Rob

If people are wondering what Pete is talking about, go here …

… and scroll down.

And they tried to say my R2D2 doll was a waste of money!

Comment by Rob

i don’t have a job. or a desk. or a table. or plastic breasts.

Comment by lauren

Are you saying you do have real breasts then Lauren? Sorry, don’t answer that – just a cheap joke.

Comment by Rob

I stand in the corner with my head bowed in shame.

Comment by Rob

actually, i’m saying i don’t have a job.


Comment by lauren

Add a couple of guitars and it could be your old bedroom! Welcome back my lovely.

Comment by BTBB

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