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Spare A Thought For Kev …
December 4, 2007, 7:31 am
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His book is already being offered at 20% discount in various Singapore bookshops.

To show I’m not a total bastard, I bought a copy and you know what, it’s OK.

OK, so there’s loads in it that pisses me off – especially when some examples seem to imply all you have to do to achieve ‘LOVEMARK’ status is to have an ad done by Saatchi’s – but if you put his egorantings aside and focus on his view that successful brands all have an irrational hold on people’s hearts [and wallets] because they continually live their vision rather than just talk about it, it’s pretty good.

To be honest what Kevin is saying is nothing new – but he articulates it well and is obviously passionate about the subject – so I’d suggest he focuses on making sure his people around the World know what LOVEMARKS is supposed to really mean rather than have them continually toss the expression around like it’s some gratuitous ‘badge’ of intelligence because in many cases, all they’ve done is sell/make another load of traditional advertising ‘wallpaper’.

If I was Kev I’d get his wonderful UK based planning bod, Chris Chalk, to write the follow up … hell, if he did that I might even buy a copy before the discount hits 🙂

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I’m trying to work out whether this post means you are being courted by Publicis or whether Lovemarks has brainwashed you into submission. I can understand your adoration of Chris Chalk but I am still rather shocked at how understanding you are over Kevin and his one topic of conversation. While I know Lovemarks, in its truest form, is more than just an ad from Saatchi’s, it means nothing if 99.9% of the work they produce is limited to typical advertising even if the CEO says differently. You’ll be saying VW Australia make good print ads next 🙂

Comment by Pete

What can I say Pete – I’ve “changed” 🙂

Come on, I’m hardly proclaiming ‘Kev Is God’ am I? You’re just trying to stir the pot in the absense of the boys and girls who normally pop along here and give me shit.

If you’re not careful, I’ll tell Sarah you’re picking on me then you’ll be in trouble, ha!

Comment by Rob

Well, at least you didn’t pay the full price for it. Can I get it off you when you’ve finished reading it? 🙂

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Of course Fred, but you’ll have to wait till we sort out our lopsided table because it’s acting as a ‘leveller’ at the moment.

OK it’s not – that was just said for the ‘humour’ – and it failed quite badly didn’t it.

Comment by Rob

Why do agency CEO’s write books (in the first place) about their working principles and vision? Is it to make money? Show clients that their way of thinking is superior than others? Impart knowledge? Share the success stories? Or motivate employees to embrace their way of thinking?

What book should a new-comer planning to take up advertising as a career read – Changeology, Disruption n Beyond, Lovemarks, Simply Brutal Thinking?

Comment by Colour_Me_Red

Hello Colour_Me_Red … not sure if you’ve been here before but ‘welcome’.

God that sounds so formal doesn’t it – sorry.

I totally understand what you’re saying … and I also hate it when people go on about stuff but don’t actually do any thing about it … however I’d rather work for an organisation that actually has a philosophy [even if it is contrived, overly complicated and claiming to be the centre of the universe] than a company that continues to go through the motions without any opinion or foresight whatsoever.

Sure words are cheap … but it’s better than having none at all … though I accept alot of what these CEO’s say could be printed onto one side of A4 rather than the massive tombs they publish seemingly each and every week.

Come back soon – I like your aggression, ha!

Comment by Rob

As someone who asked a controversial question on Rob’s behalf in front of a room of people who the previous day had watched Kevin do his Lovemarks thing… he certainly is sounding a little more positive about it!!

Quite frankly I agreed with Rob’s initital assessment based on the presentation I saw. In that the idea itself is reasonable enough, it just doesnt take into account everything that will affect brands in the real world. Would be interesting to see he covers any of those areas in the book though.

The other thing is. No CEO would ever give away ALL their best secrets. Not even for a book…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Jesus … when I’m Mr Grumpy pants I get slammed [admitidly not by anyone on here] and now when I am Mr Teensy-Bit-Positive I get slammed as well [by everyone on here]

There’s no pleasing some people is there, ha.

And you know what Mr M, there are a couple of CEO’s that have actively told their ‘secrets’ … but maybe Andy Law is the best example of that interms of advertising.

Well him and me … ha!

Comment by Rob

And I forgot you asked that question for me Mr M … god you’re such a toptastic bloke … forsaking a job at Saatchi’s to keep me happy, entertained and mischievious.

Comment by Rob

Open Minds by Andy Law is probably the best CEO book I’ve come across. Not that I’m very well read and hey am just out of college looking for a job. But you just can’t stop showing your respect for Andy Law. But Kevin Roberts… naah…

Comment by Colour_Me_Red

My friend Rebecca helped Andy Law with his book and she said she kept telling him he was being too open, but his attitude was something like …

“What’s the point of keeping my views a secret because all it will do is make us rich but not improve the overall standards of the industry”

Sure it’s naive commercially but it’s an attitude that demonstrates why – for a while there – St Lukes were on the cusp of doing something truly magnificent.

Comment by Rob

The Rob Campbell book of Advertising – Vomit Planes and Birkensocks

Yeah, I was proper nervous as even though Kevin wasnt in the room; plenty of other people were…and it was being filmed!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m still very proud of you … and next year, I’ll hopefully be at your side asking the Jeremy Paxman questions 🙂

Comment by Rob

That means I get to play good cop this year?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If you want the ‘boring role’, sure 🙂

Comment by Rob

Not really… but its always fun to watch you create havoc.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

In that case I’ll make sure Andy is with me. Though my dream is to have him and Scamp united in some cause – it would quite possibly lead to a 3rd World War, ha.

Comment by Robert

Forget the US and Iran, Andy and Scamp are the ones to watch.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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