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Proof The Dutch Are On Drugs …
December 4, 2007, 1:03 pm
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Clogs …


Windmills …

Kinderdijke Holland Windmill

Edam Cheese …

Cheesestore in Edam

And now this …

Tractor Photo from

Yep, a tractor driving across Egypt … except that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Please go here and read about one of the most wonderfully mental, challenging and inspiring stories I’ve heard all year.

Forget Ginger, Posh, Baby, Mel B and C … this is real girl power! [Thanks for sending this my dear Truuski, it’s bloody brilliant!]

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Comment by Rob Mortimer

isn’t that why the world loves us??

Comment by niko

I love it … I absolutely, wholeheartedly love it.

Comment by Rob

it’s gorgeous!

Comment by lauren

Bono is probably sooooo pissed off he didn’t do it

Comment by Rob

Very beautiful. Don’t know if I would say the same thing if it was Bono.

Comment by Jade

i bet oprah and angelina jolie pissed that they didn’t do it either..

Comment by lauren

Angelina in a tractor?

Stop making me think those thoughts Lauren!

Comment by Rob

Thanks for sharing, very different from the whole sailboat/swimming around the world fanfare.

Comment by Su

I love this … I love it so much. It not only is for a good cause, but brings a smile to my face – something that helps me feel optimistic, which in todays climate is pretty valuable indeed.

Oh and hello Su … hope you pop back again sometime soon.

Comment by Rob

Ta Rob! But wait… if you think that’s weird, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Sorry it’s all in Dutch but this is a little film about ‘swap your vibratory day’ where a company send a bus around Amsterdamned 2 weeks ago with 2 girls who collected your old vibrator. And of course, all the Dutchies went, coz it was for FREE! I’m so happy we’re going home!!!

Comment by Truuski

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