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I’m Not Here …
November 5, 2007, 2:00 am
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Clouds and plane

There is no blog post today because as you read this, I’ll be 37,000 feet in the air coming back from Blighty where I made a [literal] flying visit so I could share my Mum’s special day with her.

I didn’t mention anything because she reads this blog and I wanted it to be a total surprise … however it’s moments like these [where my Mum bursts with happiness, love and a good dollop of [positive] shock] that remind me why I work so hard  🙂

See you [metaphorically speaking] tomorrow …

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i hope you had a fucking wonderful time and treated your mum like a queen.

go on, how many dvds did you still find the time to buy?

2/1 odds are at least 10 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

5/1 some of the dvds breach singaporean censorship laws though in your case its probably some doco on the “mr men” rather than any fucking hard core.

Comment by andy@cynic

ill wait till you come back to point out its a bit fucking ironic to say on your blog ‘you work so hard’ when you update the fucking thing everyday and often bore the pants off us saying youre pontificating over some client presentation or other.

love andy x

Comment by andy@cynic

Re Andy’s last comment – I think win the bet Rob.

Comment by John

Commenting on a blog rather than working…about how the author creates said blog rather than working. Brilliant.

Comment by NP


Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s interesting that Andy must be that bored that he writes a comment and comments on that comment rather than working an cynic’s kaching.

Comment by Seb

Is there any need of a vodka tasting on a Monday at 5 pm in the basement? Oh guys, it’s in the agency what means it is work…I am off.

Comment by Seb

you dont get the concept of timezone difference do you seb because if you did youd know i write my comments in my own time not when clients are paying for my brilliance. im mr corporately responsible me. oh yes i am, oh yes i fucking am.

Comment by andy@cynic

What really pisses me off is you’re right Andy – on every comment you’ve just made.

How depressing …

And for what it’s worth, in the space of 90 minutes, I bought so many DVD’s [21] that I had to go and buy a suitcase to take them back as I’d only taken an overnight bag to the UK.

Mug? You know I am.

PS: Charles, I HATE the Nokia N95 … you win and Nokia lose as I’m getting rid of it at the first chance I can! I’ve seemingly developed Elton John’s spending habits – I must stop immediately!

Comment by Rob

You can have my Samsung X820 and I’ll take that goddamn Nokia, ha. And Andy it is far more depressing that you don’t write comments during work time but when you’re out…

Comment by Seb

Seb. Andy. Stop flirting and get a room 🙂

Comment by Rob

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