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Where’s Willo?
November 2, 2007, 7:17 am
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Where's Waldo

Since Will got his job at LOWES, I’ve not heard a thing from him.

Is he OK?

Is he alive?

Did he ever really exist?

Sure he’s updated his blog abit – but that could all be a ruse by some evil advertising corporation to make us believe he is still a functioning human being.

If I find his blog has been re-named WannaNOTbeanadman, then I’m calling the cops.

Will … where are you, I’m worried!

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Willo? I appreciate you’re trying to make a play on “Where’s Waldo” but you come across like an Australian who adds an “o” to the end of every abbreviated word. Stop it, I don’t want my children picking up bad habits, not that I’d ever let them read anything on this blog other than NP’s muppet impersonation 🙂

Comment by George

george is right, don’t add ‘o’ to the end of will, it’s sounds naff. and if you’re trying to sound like an australian, everyone knows you add ‘y’ to the end of it anyway.. you’d think you’d know by now, rob – hasn’t being with jill taught you anything!

in keeping with my omi (granny) nickname, i emailed will the other day to make sure that he’s OK and he’s fine. working like a mo’fo, but well.

i have a pic of will doing his best (unintentional) impersonation of where’s wally, striped shirt an all, but i can’t seem to get the link to post here… will obviously has good karma connections.

Comment by lauren

and i’m pretty sure he works for the reasonably well-regarded london ad agency LOWE, not the cheap-arse australian clothing store LOWES..

Comment by lauren

I wasn’t trying to sound Australian, I was trying to mimic the “WHERE’S WALDO” title. But failed 🙁

Jill is half Canadian

LOWES should of been written as LOWE’S

Any other complaints you’d like to bring to my attention Lauren? Haha!

Comment by Rob

sorry, i should have put a little 🙂 in there somewhere so i didn’t sound like a complete bitch…

Comment by lauren

That’s OK, I’m used to it – I work with alot of bitches but unlike Andy, never married one 🙂

Comment by Rob

hes a planner, why the fuck should i care where he is? one less argumentative little bastard in the world as far as i am concerned.

and campbell, the only reason ill let you get away with that comment is because its sadly fucking true.

Comment by andy@cynic

“prepping. fearing meetings that are marketed as a ‘friendly chat’. why not have them in a park? in the pub?”

That’s a recent William tweet. As you can see William is busy living the dream.

Comment by Marcus

He was never OK.

Comment by John

Indeed John.

Comment by Charles Frith

He’s alive and loving it in Sawwwf Ken. In fact I suspect he’s getting his tweed blazer avec elbow patches on right now in preparation for a FABULOUS Friday evening dahling..


Comment by adlads

I am here…

Just had a very hectic last few weeks…some of which involved learning how to say no/bugger off to people who want me to go into meetings which have nothing to do with me.

Thanks for the post though mate…

(And Lauren – No Wally photo please).

Not sure I was ever ok. That’s a fair point..

Comment by Will

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