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Translator Required …
October 23, 2007, 9:24 am
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Live staff 

As opposed to dead staff? 

Live functions

As opposed to cardboard cut-out functions?

Live wine

Do they mean wine that hasn’t been corked?

Live because we are

What the …?

I know Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside of Greece, but based on Australia’s new immigration rules [that are completely not prejudice in any way, oh no] the owners of this cafe/bar wouldn’t even get to buy a postcard, let alone set up a business.

AgeLauren … this place is in your home town, I demand you go and investigate what the hell is going on. 

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am i investigating what’s going on with the immigration laws, or with the bar? if it’s the laws, then i’m sorry, but i’ll have to abstain because i have a clean record at the moment and i can’t guarantee that it will stay that way if i start digging into the details of sanctioned xenophobia.

Comment by lauren

Live Wine sounds brilliant! What’s the address?

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

As an Italian all I can say is bloody confusing Greeks!!

Comment by Age

by coincidence i was in ‘the real greek’ restaurant last night off hoxton square. I say this for 3 reasons.
1 food was yummy
2 i am now an ad luvvie/ho
3 i am in a meeting and this blog is keeping me happy via mobile phone browsing

Comment by charles frith

jesus Charles.

Comment by Marcus

Charles, I am surprised you didn’t say …

“I am in a meeting and this blog is keeping me happy thanks to my Nokia N95 which is not only an astoundingly well equipped mobile phone, but allows true web browsing thanks to its 3.5G technology”

Go on, admit it, your comment was an attempt at viral communication. Well I won’t tell anyone if you cut me in on the action!

Comment by Rob

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