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If You’re Going To Be Sick In A Taxi …
October 23, 2007, 9:26 am
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… this Singaporean cabbie has kindly given you a ‘brighter-than-bright’ floor mat to aim your copious amounts of spew at.


Just part of the Government MANDATED ‘customer service initiative’ going on here at the moment!

I’m just waiting for Emah to ask me where she can buy a set given they feature her favourite shade of pink!

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Is that to direct your spew at or to MAKE you spew?

Comment by Age

have they also mandated the painted flies on all the boys’ loos so that they all target their piss INTO the toilet?

Comment by lauren

Your memory scares me Lauren … SCARES ME!

Comment by Rob

Thats one vomitatious colour…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

**emah is wondering if they have it in pink glitters too**

Comment by Emah

Rob is wondering if Emah is going to kick me in the nuts.

[Luckily she’d need to stand on a chair to reach them, ha!]

Comment by Rob

John is wondering if someone can get Emah a chair.

Comment by John

More like John is wondering if Emah is single!

Comment by Rob

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