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Silly Season … Or At Least Silly Day!
October 22, 2007, 7:13 am
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no entry sign at twilight

I want to apologise for the 2 posts that appear on my blog today.

Quite frankly they are stupid, sad and just plain boring. [No change there then eh!]

I wrote them at 5:36 last Friday evening because at this exact moment, I’m [probably] lying on my couch, playing FIFA ’08 or Bioshock while eating 2 minute noodles and supping copious amounts of Diet Coke.

Contrary to what you may believe, that’s not my normal working behaviour – it’s me on a day off.

Seriously, is there any greater feeling than having a Monday off when everyone else is working?  I really don’t fucking think so!

Anyway, if you’re daft enough to have already read the rubbish posts, then …

1 You only have yourselves to blame

2 You can tell I was rather tired after a long week whilst also overly excited about starting the weekend

… however if you haven’t yet clicked here or here, I advise you not to, and immediately point your browser to one of the other billion blogs out there – which I guarantee will be far more interesting than mine even on a good day!

[Some starters are: Emily / Many Faces / Mr M / Mr M [jnr] / India InsightRussell / Gareth / NP / Hari / Mr Swede / More India InsightJabr / Charles / Will / Age / Lauren / Seb / London Creative Jobbies / Angus / Mr P / AdlabPervert DoddsMiddle PaulDennis Wise / Diablogue / Rob Forshaw / Bullshit / Richard / Neil /The Mighty Reds  – there’s loads more I should mention but I want to go and start my weekend so apologies. Byeee!]

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