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Growing Old Disgracefully …
October 22, 2007, 7:10 am
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This is Paul … he’s my oldest, dearest and closest friend.

We’ve been through pretty much every high and low of life together and I regard him like a brother … a brother I love very dearly indeed … however I’ve noticed that the closer he gets to being 40 years of age, the further he gets from behaving like a mature and responsible adult.

Unlike me. Ahem.

So as an act of love [and to protect the good name of his family] I am publicly ‘naming and shaming him’ in the hope it shocks him out of continually taking ridiculous photos of himself, even though they make me laugh like I was an 8 year old again.

You’ll thank me one day … just like you didn’t when I put these embarassing photo’s of you on my blog.

[TIP #1: Don’t put photos on Facebook you’re not prepared for the wider World to see!]

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I can see why he is your friend. Or should I say I can see why he was your friend.
Have a good day off, I am assuming you deserve it though I know Andy will think differently 🙂

Comment by Pete

OK, that’s the second time you’ve humiliated the fuck out of your best buddy on this blog and no reciprocal humiliation! what gives? surely there’s a payback link hanging around somewhere…

Comment by lauren

Trust me Lauren – I could be doing this everyday for 14 years and I still wouldn’t be even with that lovely shit!

However karma has struck, because despite having a day off – I’m ill so the enjoyment factor has just plummeted 12,000 points.

Still better than working though, ha!

Comment by Rob

Paul, I hope when you read this you realise that it’s time that certain footage once and for all is exposed in the public domain. And by the way, you should consider yourself lucky. Because as far as I know, Rob hasn’t set up alleged gay web sites on the internet in your name yet, or has he? Perhaps Andy would know.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

If Paul teams with Andy all hell could break loose… 😀

Comment by Rob Mortimer

The Hit Man and Her…….

Comment by NP

Pervert Doddsy! Brilliant. Explains the rhinestone g string i saw him in on old Compton St. at the weekend. Xx

Comment by charles frith

As I make quite clear on my blog, I am not a pervert, I am a deviant.

Comment by John

You’d get on very well with Paul then John. Not to mention Andy.

Comment by Rob

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