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It’s Called A Cliché Because It Happens. Alot.
October 19, 2007, 7:00 am
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I saw this lovely example of a ‘bored man’ at a women’s fashion shop at the weekend …

Handsome chappy isn’t he!?

Anyway, whilst I actually like shopping with women, I appreciate I might be the exception … however given many ladies like their blokes to go along with them [not just for the additional view point [or credit card. ha] but because they like spending time together] I wonder why female shops haven’t opened ‘men crèche’s because not only would they keep the guy amused while his lady potters about, but they’ll also keep him in a good mood so the woman can shop for longer.

On second thoughts, maybe that’s the most stupid and dangerous idea ever … 🙂

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you like shopping with chicks because youre the gayest straight man on the planet campbell.
besides youre wrong, when a woman is buying lingerie, most men find it one of the most interesting and rewarding activities they could ever do. well as long as their bird isnt a heffer. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Nice to have you back Andrew 🙂

Comment by George

There’s a shopping center just outside Munich that does just that every Christmas.

X-Box games, DVD’s of sporting events and SCALEXTRIC!!!!! All is a special “men’s area”.

Works a treat.

Comment by Marcus

I did once contemplate opening a chain of Men’s Creches in shopping centres…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What were you going to call it Mr M? Drop-a-bloke?

Comment by Rob

You do let yourself go on vacation don’t you?

Comment by john

Is that comment directed at me, John?

If it is, I had my vacation – it lasted 36 hours last week. For Asia that’s bloody ages, hahaha!!

Comment by Rob

Life is one long vacation my friend. Sometimes it’s like a tropical island filled with perfect moments but mostly it’s like a rainy weekend in Rhyll or a month in Magaluf,

Comment by john

At the moment its a wet bank holiday in Skeggy!

Comment by Rob

It’s really funny watching men buying lingerie for their other halfs.
And, on a more serious note, retailers should work harder to bring the man into the process.

Comment by NP

With people like you about NP, trust me – retailers want to keep you as far away as possible!

Comment by Rob

so you guys are saying that you’d be okay being dropped off at a ‘men’s creche’ for a few hours? … doesn’t that make you feel like a five-year-old kid who needs to be ‘dropped off’ somewhere while his mummy goes shopping?

i’m sorry, i’m just surprised and shocked that (some) men would actually take to the idea at all…. even IF there is an xbox (or xboxes) for your usage. LOL.

Comment by zhirong

To answer your question Zhirong … “YES” 🙂

Comment by Rob

i guess it’s a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils, then, is it? hehe

Comment by zhirong

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