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Radical New Snuff Video: You Watch It Then Want To Kill Yourself!
October 19, 2007, 8:29 am
Filed under: Planners Making A Complete Tit Of Themselves And Bless

If you’re interested to learn the background to this weapon of mass [sonic] destruction, click here.

Now I’ve watched this clip over and over again and I still don’t know whether I prefer NP’s desperate initial attempt to look nonchalant [which soon wares off when the longest introduction to any song in history slowly destroys his resolve and steel exterior to make him painfully aware he is about to look a prize tit] or the fact I am witnessing the best career suicide since Harry!

NP, I am truly, truly proud of you – however dear Marcus gets extra ‘points’ for putting you in this mess in the first place.

iPOD Singing as a result of The Smiths destruction? 

Now that’s what I call a real win win situation, ha!

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you have gone fucking down in my estimation np. well done, i like you even more now. let me buy you a fucking large one soon, you need it.

Comment by andy@cynic

An 8 octave scale but with every note somehow falling outside each and every one of them.

NP is the ‘Eddie the Eagle’ of singing! YAY!!!

Comment by Rob

This has left permanent scars on my eardrums. Luckily for you NP, you’re a stronger swimmer than you are a singer. If not, you would have drowned years ago.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

And to make that insult even worse NP … Fred loves the band Toto!

Comment by Rob

When I showed this to my children, they asked why NP was doing an impression of the Muppets.

Comment by George

That is the best comment EVER George – I love your kids. Now do I respond in a predictable way by saying he sounds like a muppet because he is one? Nah … that would be too obvious.

For some reason, when I watch the clip I see Radio 1 about 1983 – especially when he does the deep voice bit in the Boney M song.

As for The Smiths extravaganza …

Well put it this way, I actually feel sorry for how Morrissey must be feeling at this moment.

NP … the antidote to prozac? Nah … I still prefer the Eddie The Eagle to singing.

Comment by Rob

This is why man creches are such a bad idea!

Comment by john

I was, of course, pretending not be able to sing well.

Comment by NP

Of course … of course you were … 🙂

Comment by Rob

was the “your personality and looks are hardly top drawer” really necessary? or was it your return to the chubby fingers? hack.

Comment by Seb

It took me about 10 minutes to know work out what you were talking there Seb – but you know it’s just me being cheeky, I love you lots really!

Comment by Rob

my self-esteem is down to zero, if I ever really had one…I now feel like Billy after a night out and probably 24 “fuck offs”…cheers.

Comment by Seb

I love it, I was highly complimentary to your talent and your aspirations and yet you focus all your energies on a cheeky comment from a bald, 4-eyed bloke in Singapore. Who say’s the German’s don’t have a sense of humour, ha!

Comment by Robert

as we both know that I am an untalented hack this was the only thing you said about me. by the way Germans have a great sense of humour as you may have recognised in the election of our chancellor Mrs Merkel.

Comment by Seb

Boom tish!

Comment by Rob

A radical new snuff movie…. classic post headline.

Comment by Charles Frith

well done NP, bless – true to your word.

Comment by lauren

That is pure genius. I fucking love iPod karaoke.

Comment by Angus

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