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For Connie, Seb, Charles and Anyone Else That Works With/For Nokia …
October 18, 2007, 7:00 am
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So a couple of weeks ago I had my phone stolen which was an absolute pain.

Given I was about to catch a flight to Australia, I bought a cheapo Samsung at the airport to ‘tied me over’ … however the thing was so horrendous [and I mean HORRENDOUS] that as soon as I got home, I immediately re-charged an old SONY Ericsson I had lying about and started using that instead.

Anyway all that changed when last Friday the new SONY Ericsson 5 megapixal Cybershot phone was released, the K850i.

Apart from the fact I love SE phones [and not because SONY are a client of mine] I had been waiting for this model for ages and was going to get it even if my old phone hadn’t been nicked.

So off I went to the shop [who had literally just taken delivery of the phone] and handed over a massive wedge to get one of them in my filthy little hands.

Look, it’s amazing … 3G, 5 megapixel camera, email, hell it even makes calls … however they have made are 3 little design flaws that makes the user experience so painful that I’ve decided to get rid of it, despite 6 months of slavering over it!

What am I going on about?  Well basically, it’s the keyboard.

Yes, the keyboard.

Have a look at it …

Can you see what I mean?

Well if you can’t, let me enlighten you.

1 Look how small those buttons are … meaning half the time your fingers fall into the gaps between the digits rather than on the numbers themselves.

2 Look how some of the buttons are not in a straight line [especially numbers 2 and 5] … it might not seem much, but it makes texting and dialling far more difficult than you’d imagine.

3 Look at how the navigation button covers some of the numbers – it means you sometimes hit that instead of the numbers 5 or 8 which buggers up dialling and texting.

Now I appreciate these might not sound much, but when you use the phone as much as me [not to mention write alot of emails on the thing] it is bloody frustrating and what makes it worse is that apart from ruining a great phone, it seems to have been done more for more ‘aesthetic reasons’ than anything practical.

Come on SONY Ericsson, didn’t you test this out with real users?

Don’t tell me, you thought people who would buy this phone would mainly use it for the camera than for texting – well frankly that’s a crap excuse [plus it makes a mockery of ‘convergence] and has resulted in one of your most loyal customers looking to Nokia for his next phone because quite frankly you’ve forgotten how many mobile users have/need a tactile relationship with their device.

My advice is you learn from NOKIA’s mistake … because when they tried to recreate the mobile number interface it turned out to be a fucking disaster and caused many people to question their ‘HUMAN TECHNOLOGY’ philosophy.

Look, I’m all for experimentation but sometimes it is braver to NOT do something even if you think it makes you look cooler.

If … and it’s a big if … you get the keypad right on the K850i version 2, then you might get me back as a customer, but until then, I’ll be walking away and you only have yourselves to blame.

For Andy: The photo in the picture is NOT my phone – so don’t give me any shit about it being green because mine’s actually blue! So there 🙂

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rob, i completely agree!
you should see my old school nokia at the moment! it’s in a right-state, held together with tape, but still works a treat and it’s exactly the reason i’m holding out on a replacement.

** if charles, seb, paul or half of the WK Nokia Global team could upload/link to the pics they took of it, to show rob what i mean, that would be tops…

Comment by lauren

I’ll get onto it Lauren! Keyboard isn’t working for me too Rob, but the Sauna in my Finnish bathroom is tops.

Comment by Charles Frith

you fucking lucky bastard frith, any “ladeez” administering oil on your sculptered body or do they all look like atlantic prawn fisherman?

campbell, youre a sad techno bastard so this post has no element of surprise or interest to me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Some things never change do they Robert. I am sure you single handidly keep Apple, Sony and a whole host of other electronic companies in profit. Now more importantly, I fancy one of those black Nokia N95’s that Rob has his eyes on so can anyone tell me when and where I can get one. I just pray it is out in the US before Asia because I know it’ll drive Robert mad to know he is not first to something gadgety 🙂

Comment by Pete

I’m just happy I have a phone. And it doesn’t get cut off.

Comment by Marcus

Here’s to Marcus for making Robert look like a spoilt only child.
I aspire to that level of understated evil 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Im just annoyed that Sharp seem to have stopped making phones, not sure where to go now!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I thought the buttons are so small and the gaps so big so that stubby fingers won’t ever push two buttons at once.
And I am not saying you have stubby fingers … no, no … how could I?

Comment by Seb

Typical German, launches an attack when the rulers of the blog are either out of the country or ill. Well done Seb, I have a lot to learn from you.

Comment by Bazza

Bazza, as you may know Rob already lost the mastery over his own blog to all of us. Even if he’s ot around we keep on commenting and the only way to stop us taking over this site is to delete it, ha. But anyway it wasn’t an attack as I instantly negated my own affront before Rob ever could let his slim, well-formed fingers, that can only be compared to the elegant extremities of a master pianist, slip over his keyboard to answer it.

Comment by Seb

Get a room Seb!

Comment by john

For the two of us, John?

Comment by Seb

With that level of backtracking Seb, you’re becoming more Italian than German.

Comment by Bazza

Or it’s just that I am in England for quite some time now and this uberpoliteness is taking over … or let’s face it: ubertoadiness.

Comment by Seb

I thought you were a creative guy, not a suit 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Oh, no! I love England. The people are great. Multo magnifico! Grande natione! Englando ti amo!
See that is Italian. And now stop usind WWII associativities.

Comment by Seb

Yes I am a creative, I am just trying to match the people I am talking to. Learnt to use this technique in this week’s seminar “how to communicate effectively”.

Comment by Seb

I know it’s Italian because I’m in Rome so all I hear is that sort of language day in and day out. We’re all going to be in the UK soon so lets have a drink for peace and put all this prejudice to bed once and for all 🙂

Comment by Bazza

You said it, brother.
That’s what we do.

Comment by Seb

When you’re coming to the UK?

Comment by Seb

What’s wrong with green?

Comment by NP

Everyone has been busy while I’ve been away [or more accurately, suffering from “man ill”] haven’t they. Tops.

All I can say is there’s nothing wrong with green to most normal people but Andy equates it to the colour of his first wives eyes [or “eye” as he refers to it] which immediately means it is the colour of evil/females. You have to remember NP, you’re not dealing with a normal man here, ha! [I mean Andy, not me!]

Finally the UK may be quite soon, had a phonecall yesterday to inform me certain ‘parties’ are finally getting their acts together so we will all have to traipse over there to ‘chat’.

As soon as I know you’ll know – and then you can all start to make excuses like ‘washing your hair’ to get out of having a drink.

Comment by Rob

Can I come, even though I have no hair to wash

Comment by NP

If you’d written that comment PRIOR to your iPod singing ‘episode’, I’d of gladly said yes – but now I need some time to consider it, ha!

Comment by Rob

Still thinking …

Comment by Rob

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