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No News Is Bad News …
October 16, 2007, 2:49 pm
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Had the meeting and while we haven’t heard anything back yet – I can tell you it’s not looking good.

Infact a snog with Ethel from Eastenders [see above] would look better.

I’ll update you once I get the ‘official’ response and then I’ll start to explain why this whole episode will go down in advertising folklore – and not in a positive way!

[On the bright side – and we all need one of those – I had a bloody wonderful time with Jill and am so soddin’ grateful I conned her into marrying me because I’d be a miserable old bastard without her! Or should I say, an even more miserable old bastard without her!]

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Strength and honour

Comment by NP

God, she IS a looker.

Hope you get some news, any news soon..

Comment by Will

We had strength … we had honour … pity some other parties didn’tand I am not talking about the client.

Seriously, this is a truly class one ‘Fuck-up Fairy’ moment and I look forward to telling you all about it.

Soon. Ha!

Comment by Rob

I thought Billy’s girlfriend was called April yet in the photo you show of her above, you call her Ethel. What’s going on? Is it her twin?

Comment by Bazza

I thought Billy’s girlfriend is called “right hand”…

Comment by Seb

Been following your blog for a while, thought I would weigh in.

While this is a depressing process, we’re often better off dropping a draining piece of business so we can focus our energies on more successfully oriented pursuits.

Best of luck, here’s to the hundreds of thousands of brilliant ideas that were flushed and drained of all life by laziness, high end creative depravity and “the powers that be”.

Comment by Jon Burg

High end creative depravity? Isn’t that Andy’s department?

Comment by john


After your comment, I rang Billy [who’s still lost in South America for anyone wondering why he’s not been around] to tell him what you had said about him and his lady.

I need to inform you that he said you should organise your will – or at the very least, a dentist – for when he returns as he intends to, and I quote, “smack your head in”.

On the bright side, Billy is so inept at actually mingling with people from other cultures/nations that you’ll probably already be worm food by the time he finds his way back to the office, so carry on as you were.

John, please don’t encourage Andy – he’s actually being really good at the moment and doesn’t need goading back into Mr Ferocious. [He’s also away at the moment which is why I can say that!]

Finally, Jon Burg … welcome and thanks for your comments.

I am always amazed [and happy] when I find new people who read this blog [to be honest, I’m always amazed and happy when I find out ANYONE reads this blog] so it’s great to have you around and I hope you write some more soon.

As for the situation I’ve found myself in – it truly is one of the most amazing I’ve known in the 19 years [NINETEEN YEARS, JESUS CHRIST, I’M SOOOOOOO OLD!] I’ve been doing this advertising malarky – and while that sounds incredibly dramatic, I am sure that once I tell you all the whole story [there’s some legal reasons why I can’t/haven’t yet – and I appreciate that sounds even more dramatic, ha!] I’m sure you’ll understand why.

Anyway, thanks for writing in and hope to hear from you again soon … put some intelligence in this place, ha!

Comment by Rob

are you sure this soap opera isn’t all part of secretly developing content for MTV? if not, well, it should… When Good Clients Go Bad [who said i didn’t have jetlag.. ha!]

Comment by lauren

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