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Listen To Your Heart …
October 12, 2007, 7:00 am
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So I’ve been back from my honeymoon for about 5 weeks and in that time, I’ve spent all of about 10 days in the same country as my wife.

Given our honeymoon was a bit of a disaster … and that since we got back, Jill has had the pleasure of requiring root canal surgery … married life hasn’t exactly been the ‘dream’ either of us expected or wanted!

Still, I have to say Jill has been fantastic and very understanding.

It’s never really nice when your partner is away … but when you’ve just got married it’s especially shitty.

And even though I’ve been able to maintain our NO MORE THAN 7 DAYS APART rule, there’s still been more than one occasion where I’ve come home one day only to leave the next.

She’s always understood my job involves travel – and I truly appreciate how lucky I am that’s the case – however it’s been especially extreme of late and when you’re the one left behind in a country [albeit a lovely one] that treats shopping, eating and drinking as its main cultural activities, it can quickly become frustrating and claustrophobic.

Anyway, what this post is trying to say is that I’ll not be doing any blogging till late next week, because on top of my big meeting, I’m grabbing my wife, packing some bags and hanging out with her for a while.

Of course it won’t be long enough – but given a day in her company makes me feel human and happy again, it’ll be enough to get us through this final stage of travel insanity.

Speak soon and keep your fingers crossed for me/us. [I’m talking about my ‘meeting’, not my relationship, haha!]


PS: How good is that ‘positioning’ on the Roxette album cover?  Talk about a perfect expression of their approach to music – though I can imagine you all have some ‘choice’ alternatives for consideration, ha!

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i love the fact that you have a ‘no more than 7 days apart’ rule! have a wonderful weekend!

Comment by lauren

You ol’ romantic you Lauren, ha!

Comment by Rob

who you callin’ old?

Comment by lauren


Comment by lauren

You’re a YOUNG romantic …

Comment by Rob

I like your 7 day rule, and I also admire Jill’s understanding. Good luck with “the battle” mate, I hope it’s all good and enjoy the break too.

Comment by Age

As long as I dont have to LISTEN to it…!

Good luck! 🙂

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I have a soft spot for Roxette.

Comment by NP

Is it a swamp at the bottom of your garden?

Comment by George

Next to the Autumn bonfire of Queen vinyl

Comment by NP

An excellent spot and I have some space in my garden if you run out 🙂

Comment by George

I want to break weeds

Petunia Rhapsody

We are the Champignons

Those were the Daisies of our Lives

and other such gardening hits…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

And don’t forget their fans

The fat bottomed blokes

Comment by john

Are we going to hear the sound of pitter patter after this little love break?

Comment by Billy Whizz

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