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The Sound Of Silence …
October 9, 2007, 7:01 am
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the sound of silence

I’ve scoured the press … Melbourne papers … Sydney papers … National papers … and what did I find about the Wallabies loss to the mighty England?

Basically nothing.

Seriously … the odd half page article but nothing more.

And even then they couldn’t rise above giving back-handed compliments.

Having lived in Australia for many years, I know the reaction would of been VERY different had the scoreline been in the Wallabies favour, however it wasn’t which is why they are acting like a bunch of spoilt school kids.

The biggest problem for Aussies is that this petty nature only serves to make winning feel even sweeter – which is why despite their claims of “being the only team who scored a try”, “being the better team over the past 4 years” and “playing the game as it was meant” I’ve spent all day pissing on their parade by simply responding with, “WE WON, YOU DIDN’T” … which however way you look at it, is a pretty powerful argument, ha!

Yes, I appreciate I am being as petty as the Aussie press and supporters  – but Christ, at least when England lose [something that has developed into a National pastime] we generally take it with good grace rather than pretend the World has just experienced a terrible wrong.

If Australia is not careful, it could soon truly become mini-America both interms of its goals/aspirations as well as its values/personality and if that happens, I for one would be devastated because this is a great country and one that should never be a place that cultivates hate and/or bitterness. [Not like Nottingham, ha!]

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And Australians have the nerve to say the English are “whingers”. Well done Robert, don’t let them forget it.

Comment by George

Sorry are we still talking about Rugby?
Didn’t that happen ages ago?

*shrugs shoulders*

Comment by Age

Aren’t you Italian Age?

Comment by Rob

Italian Australian, Rob. Which means i love all sports that Australia are good at AND the Italian national football team (world champions!!!)

But seriously, I kinda agree with what you’re saying here, harsh as it comes across. To be fair though, especially in Melbourne, Rugby is one of the least talked about sports. So whilst Aussies will get behind the tournament when it’s on (purly for the spectacle), when it’s over they don’t mind THAT much. Might be different in NSW and QLD who are traditional rugby states, but in Vic AFL trade week is dominating sporting headlines.

Just coming to the defence of my hometown!

Comment by Age

And your hometown thanks you for that spirited defence. 🙂

Comment by Rob

Good grace my arse. Ever heard of ‘whinging poms’. Get your hand off it Rob 🙂

I agree with Age. There was, from what I understand, sadly, low involvement all round in Australia, so you can’t cry foul when they’re (still) quiet after losing can you?

Comment by Angus

Its all gone quiet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there….

Comment by Rob Mortimer

it is not a requirement for the other party to react when taking the piss so if you dont mind, well keep on kicking the aussies, its fun.

Comment by andy@cynic

Rob, whilst we are absolutely rubbish losers, to be fair, not even the English papers said much about the win yesterday – Just half a page in those quality red-tops about Aussies being crying losers. In fact, more was said about the All-blacks and the upcoming France vs England match.

Comment by lauren

where the fuck have you been lauren? we need you and your filthy language back here. its all gone fucking weird while youve been showing your tatts around europe so sit down and stay. you ok lovely?

Comment by andy@cynic

Bad news = Aussies lost.
Good news = New Zealand lost.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

Comment by Stan Lee

Hi Stan,I tried to use that argument with the guys when I came in last Monday. They didn’t really buy it but it still helps me sleep a little easier at night.

Comment by Bazza

‘showing your tatts around europe?’… jesus, you make it sound like i was whoring myself out on the streets of paris, andy!!!
but thanks for your concern anyway lovely:)

i’m in london for a few more days, then back home to oz, where i’m sure i’ll spend more time pfaffing about here, but until then, it’s more drive-by useless commenting.

stan, bazza, i tried that one too.. it worked for about 5 minutes, then i got a call from a certain lanky blaggy junior planner and all was undone.

Comment by lauren

im rightfully in disgrace so ill just wish you a safe flight home and leave it at that.

Comment by andy@cynic

oi lauren, are you going to be showing your tatts to the boys in singapore? be careful, they’re fucking weird in that land. now do i mean singapore, the boys or both?

Comment by andy@cynic

unfortunately not andy, i’ve run out of money and had to change my ticket to go straight home, which is a bit of a bummer. next time, gadget, next time.

Comment by lauren

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