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Get Your Shit Stars Off Our Flag …
October 6, 2007, 11:45 pm
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Murder Week Day 1

Sometimes I really love being English – especially when the Rugby team beat the arrogant, loud mouthed Wallabies and I am in Melbourne on Monday to meet with a bunch of the biggest rugby fans on the face of the planet.

Sure, it’s not quite as good as when I was at the 2003 final [when we beat the Aussies in their own backyard] but judging by the hundreds of pissed off SMS’s I’ve had, it’s going to be pretty close.


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I take it you handled ”our” meteoric win in a mature and responsible manner with your Australian wife? πŸ™‚
Enjoy every last second of Monday Rob, make them hurt like our front row made their Wallabies hurt.

Comment by George

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I can’t fucking believe it. I’m warning you George, if I get any shit from you on monday I’m going straight to HR.

Comment by Bazza

I love the Australians call the British “whingers” when their media response to their loss is this,22049,22544799-5001023,00.html

Nice, mature, independent journalism.

I know they are an amazing sporting nation not used to losing, but their unwillingness to accept their faults is probably why they continue to lose in the big matches.

Great result England and have a field day with them Rob, you know that they won’t and don’t respond to reasoned argument. πŸ™‚

Comment by Danny Strong

Some facts for your consideration Baz.

1 Stephanie is British so running to her won’t do any good.

2 Even if Stephanie “took on” your complaint, I am one of the partners, so I can do what I like πŸ™‚

3 Whatever I do won’t be nearly as bad as how Andy will be acting.

4 You need to allow us Englishmen the odd moment of joy because winning is not part of our DNA.

Danny, your comment about “nice, mature, independent journalism” would be far more effective if the British press weren’t partaking in the sort of jingoism best saved for World War victories, but do I get your point.
Australia is very good at many things, but being magnaminous in defeat is not one of them, even when they and the whole World know they were beaten by the better team; a team conveying all the traits they used to have when they were in their prime.
God I loved writing that last bit πŸ™‚

Comment by George

As an Aussie, I’m glad that England won; it denied John Howard any joy. Call the election Old Man.

Comment by Ikey Solomon of Wagga

I take it this about some public school boy sport that I am unaware of?

Comment by Marcus

maybe if you spent some more time at school brown you could write sarcastic blog posts without making simply fucking grammatical mistakes. mind you, thats why i fucking love you so keep it up.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m pleased that we won (even though Rugby is clearly a minority sport πŸ˜‰ ), even more pleased that we beat the Aussies…

But all of that paled into comparison when Stoke won 2-1 against Colchester. Joint 3rd. Hell yeah.

Comment by Will

Ooooooh I’m getting excited about tomorrow – not long to go before [1] I get my revenge and/or [2] have my head kicked in – but hey, it’s worth it, ha!

And Will, you might be joint 3rd, but Forest [who also won yesterday] have a game in hand which – if they win – will put them top of their division.

It’s just a shame they’re in the ‘dustbin league’ as opposed to the Premiership where they soooooo belong. [That’s obviously a totally unbiased view]

Comment by Rob

it’s fucking embarrassing losing to a bunch of arrogant brits, especially surrounded by them in a pub in soho, but i’m taking a small amount of consolation in that i’m not from new zealand having been beaten by france.

Comment by lauren

Pffffft Rugby? Really, does anyone care?

Comment by Age

Oh yes Age … oh yes they do!

[Cue: Evil Laugh!]

Comment by Rob

pot. kettle. black. Andy.

Comment by Marcus

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