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Saving All My Crap For Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu …
September 17, 2007, 2:44 pm
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So I have come back from my honeymoon in Spain [thanks to all of you who emailed / SMS’d your congrats] … a holiday which saw Jill ill for most of the time we were there … a holiday where we stayed in a 1000 year old castle which my wife decided had to be haunted which resulted in her only being able to sleep if the light was on AND I was awake … a holiday where the Spaniards hated ANYONE who could speak English … a holiday where I was dumbstruck at how Barcelona had evolved from one of the most beautiful cities in the World into a beautiful city covered in dog shit and the smell of wee … a holiday where a Spanish hospital ripped us off for medication that turned out to be nothing more than Nurofen … a holiday where I ate the WORST MEAL OF MY LIFE!

But was it all bad?

Of course not … we stayed in fucking fantastic hotels, spent time together, visited museums, shopped and enjoyed the glorious weather … however the moment I came back to Singapore, not only did I have to face the fact my honeymoon was over, I was overwhelmed with bills, emails [2700 of them of which only 40 were not porn! Thanks Andy] broken plumbing, knackered aircon systems and the news that 2 of my wonderful team had bloody resigned.

It’s like everything waited till I came ‘home’ to make sure it would have maximum devastation on my mood!

Of course I’ll get over it … and in the case of the 2 colleagues, I can understand why they are moving on because they’re going to senior roles in bigtime agencies [with big paychecks] … but its still bloody annoying, especially when you come back from a relaxing holiday, Ha.

Saying all that, I am rather proud of the jobs my guys have been headhunted for because it means I/we have done our job in helping them develop.

I think I’ve said it previously, but we believe our role is to expose/train our people in such a way that when they decide it is time to move on – they go to a much better job/position than they would otherwise of achieved without our involvement.

That’s not to say our guys didn’t have natural talent – of course they did and they’d of advanced with or without our involvement – however I do think [and they seem to agree] that we played a part in advancing the speed of their progression as well as their market value, so for we can feel good about what we’ve achieved with them and for them.

Mind you it’s a complete bugger as they’re great guys who we loved working with and felt we still had more we could have achieved together – but hey, nothing lasts forever does it. [except in the case of my marriage – so back off lawyer types!]

Anyway, I have a lot to write about so hopefully from tomorrow, you’ll be seeing the odd bit of interesting stuff from me, though if you also check out the blogs of NP, Gareth, Russell, Charles, Fred and the like [ie: everyone who comes on this blog and writes crap comments then goes away and writes posts of brilliance] then I’ll continue to look the sad amateur I really am.

Toodle Pip …

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Welcome back!
Kai Lai managed to have a cold for the entire length of our stay!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s a conspiracy … a bloody conspiracy …

Comment by Rob

you already have longer marriages than most of my attempts.

Comment by andy@cynic

Actually i save my best stuff for here.
And I notice you didn’t dare to pit Queen against anyone.

Comment by NP

rob would pit queen against prince edward or is that actually the same thing?

Comment by andy@cynic

Oh do you know Mr NP? I think you are lying – just like when you say The Smiths are a good band.

Comment by Rob

Oh and Andy, that was a gem …

Comment by Rob

Rob, welcome back. Sorry to hear about your bad news.

But NP never lies. Not about the Smiths, at any rate.

Comment by Will

I resign!

Comment by John

Good to be back to the madness. Ive missed you all (as much as you could miss people you’ve mostly never met whilst drinking cocktails in paraside… )


Comment by Rob Mortimer

this is the happiest ive been in a fortnight and thanks to a fucking planner. who would of thought.

Comment by andy@cynic

Whys that Andy?
I hope your happy sarcasm is as funny as your angry sarcasm…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

because mortimer, for the last 2 weeks ive had to be well behaved as my partners fucked off on their vacations and ive just realised this blog is a laxative for my sensible genes or a magnet for my lunacy side and thats a much better state for us me to be in.

Comment by andy@cynic

Makes sense, which for this blog is rather odd…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

youre asking for trouble arent you mortimer.

Comment by andy@cynic

Ive had two weeks in paradise, a bit of trouble might wake me up…

Queen are rubbish, The Smiths are great, Boney M are rubbish, etc etc.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

queen arent rubbish, theyre fucking crap, and if its trouble youre after, youve come to the right place and i dont mean campbells blog 😉

Comment by andy@cynic


If you would like a practice trouble match in aid of keeping you sharp and keeping me awake then feel free to bring it on. Your ass shall be ceremoniously and gleefully beaten into shape…which Rob tells me would take quite a while using normal methods.

😉 😉

Comment by Rob Mortimer

welcome back rob! i’m still on my travels – in athens at the moment for a few days – then back to milan. sorry to hear about your crap ‘welcome back to work rob’ news – glad to see that this blog is still as nutty as it ever was 🙂

Comment by and speaking of intellectualisation

damned cookies..

Comment by lauren

dont blame the cookies lauren.

what the fuck were you thinking using that “name” on any blog, let alone campbells? red card woman, thats a red card action.

Comment by andy@cynic

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