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Has Hari Gone Corporate Rent Boy?
September 17, 2007, 5:19 pm
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I’ve just been emailed this photo of my brilliant planning colleague, Hari.

Now I have no idea when this was taken but it must of been recently as Freddie is in the background … but more importantly, I have no idea why Hari would dress in such a manner because apart from looking abit of a twat, it also looks frighteningly like he is wanking off his tie. [What’s worse is his PREGNANT wife is away at the moment! Eek!]

Jesus, I go away for 2 weeks and all hell breaks loose but on the bright side, even with his thumb tucked John-Wayne-like into the top of his jeans, he still doesn’t look as daft as Fred when he went all gay a couple of weeks ago.

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“it also looks frighteningly like he is wanking off his tie.”

😀 😀

Genius. That’s some real ‘love and belonging’ right there.

Comment by Will

hari, are you aware gary glitter got arrested for a similar thing in your part of the world. what the fuck were you thinking?

Comment by andy@cynic

Dilbert needed a career boost?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

For once I agree with Andy.

Comment by George

Whem irony goes wrong, it goes REALLY wrong no?

Comment by NP

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