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I Like This Blogging Malarkey …
August 23, 2007, 2:45 pm
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… because I get to meet lovely people like Age – who not only went out of his way to come and see me in the city, but brought me pressies as well!

If this is ‘standard’ behaviour, then can you all please organise your visits to Asia quicksmart!

Age, it was bloody tops meeting you – thanks for the books and your time and I hope to see you again very soon.

[PS: please spare a thought for Marcus who is copping the brunt of German ‘humour’ after another brilliant demonstration of mediocrity by Steve McLaren’s bunch of prima-donnas]

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The Germans aren’t even trying to be funny. Every time I walk past a colleague they just say the word “CRAP”. I have 160 colleagues here. It’s a tough day.

Comment by Marcus

Just retort with MULLET or ‘TASHE …

Comment by Rob

Your cultural insight is, literally, breathtaking.

Comment by Marcus

That’s why I get paid the big biccies …

Comment by Robert

Try these:

Not like it was 5-1 though.

No shame in being beaten by a bad mistake and one great shot

So how come the combined Germany cant do what half of Germany did 20 years ago?

Or the reality check:

Yep. We played shit again, we really need a better manager.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That is genuinely fucking freaky!

Comment by Robert

I’m so glad you and age got to meet, rob! were there burgers as originally planned?

Comment by lauren

No burgers. Bloody coffee 🙁

Comment by Rob

no time for burgers then? or still being ‘good’ on the food front?

Comment by spam

oops! ha! stupid cookies.

Comment by lauren

Ahhhhhh … so Lauren is the evil individual behind such spam ‘classics’ as PENIS EXTENTIONS, Viagra and – my personal favourite – Scrotum Rings

If you promise to stop sending them to my Mum, I promise to not send you to prison, hahaha

Comment by Rob

sorry, i can’t make a promise like that rob. i believe in the power of inundating people with crap they don’t want, need, or like, and if that means doing time, well, so be it.

Comment by lauren

In that case Lauren, you should be in adland!

Comment by Rob

lol!! nice one…

Comment by lauren

oh for fucks sake, hell be having fucking autograph sessions next

Comment by andy@cynic

Yay for Rob, yay for me!!!!!!!
I’ve got a blog post coming on this btw, Andy, you are going to fucking HATE it. It’ll be great.

Comment by Age

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