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Priorities …
August 22, 2007, 7:10 am
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Australia really is the lucky country …

Whereas the rest of the World is contemplating issues such as war, economic instability, increasing crime rates, international health concerns, nuclear development in ‘rogue countries’, the growing divide between rich and poor and 3rd World debt… Australia lives in total and unadulterated bliss where a major newspapers front page news is …

For fucks sake …

To be fair the day before that, the news was dominated with a political story.

Of course it was an AUSTRALIAN political story … but it’s better than the SHOCK-HORROR-PROBE news of a fucking horse being born.

What was this bombshell?

Well basically the leader of the opposition, hamster-face Kevin Rudd, was exposed as a bloke who visited a US strip club for ONE hour approximately FOUR YEARS AGO.

Kevin Rudd and Daniel Oliver - 070507 Labor Day March and Rally, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia-232 A hamster in a tie, yesterday.

OK, so maybe he should be setting an example, but …

1 It was 4 years ago.

2 No shenanigans went on and besides, he was taken by News Limited execs, it wasn’t something he did on his own accord. 

3 Australia is hardly the bastion of culture and sophistication, so it’s more a case of there being something wrong with him if he DIDN’T visit the odd strip club. 

4 Given he’s one of the most asexual beings in the Universe, it’s almost refreshing to see he has a pulse – but it’s still not as shocking as when John Major admitted an affair with the ‘thing’!

5 In a World where a US president can get a blowjob from a fat and ugly bird and get away with it – this is hardly the end of the World, especially as Australia [or at least the Government in power] doesn’t mind holding innocent immigrants in the middle of the country with limited rights, claims soldiers who re-enact KKK ceremonies are just ‘being larakins’ and regards the Kyoto protocol as a charter from Satan’s own hand!

Infact the only thing I found interesting in this story is the pathetic muckraking attempts of the pathetic John Howard who is obviously scared his ego-trip is going to come to an end.

If only Aussie politics was interesting, it might signify some exciting times were ahead …

If only … Haha!

kevin+lol Oh, he already has!

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maybe the australian press have gone after that politician fucker because he dared go to an american strip joint rather than an aussie one.

i love that front page: the birth of a fucking australian horse, the antics of an australian politician abroad and a fucking australian “sportsman” who gets a 6 week ban probably for playing for a team with the shittest name since forest.

and they say australia is myopic. no it isnt, well no more than germany. in the late 30’s. led by mini-moustache boy.

Comment by andy@cynic

yep, it’s a proud moment.
to add though, experts are tipping that Kevin Rudd’s approval rating will actually increase after his strip club shenanigans. Isn’t it funny how people actually WANT TO SEE LEADERS WITH A FUCKING PULSE?
Good luck to him I say…

Comment by Age

age makes this blog political. itll probably be closed down by some secret government department now. if that happened, rob would be over the fucking moon, the sad anti establisment twat. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

The rollercoaster of ‘Andy comment’ is alive and well as the first one was bloody brilliant whereas the second was very underwhelming. Just like his sexual expertise according to wives 1 and 2 🙂

Comment by Rob

just when i’ve got a mad case of homesickness, you remind me about the joys of aussie media and political life. thanks rob.

Comment by lauren

thats the only time a womans said robs pleased them. as rob is fighting the evil of mediocrity (and im not fucking joking, hes in a major battle today) i thank you. lets hope he is around again to see my brilliant fucking sarcasm.

Comment by andy@cynic

The headline in the Scottish Sun the other day was about a dwarf who had super glued his tadger to a the hose of his vacuum cleaner. Honestly. I would have sold most of my soul for a horse -being-born story. Excuse, I’m off for a silent weep…

Comment by Stewart

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