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As A Bloke Who Flies Alot …
August 21, 2007, 9:37 am
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… this is exactly the sort of news story that fills my heart with joy.

They say that China Airlines has the worst safety record for its region … well I don’t know about that, but I can categorically state the food is quite possibly the worst shit I have ever eaten in my life.

Seriously, it was dog food … or quite possibly, food made from dogs.

Never, ever again … those experiences I now leave to Fred, I stick with SIA/Virgin thank-you-very-much, ha!

Actually there’s a funny story about this airline … funny because I wasn’t the one who experienced it.

My old boss [the brilliant and inspiring Chris Jaques] was flying back to Singapore and just after take off, 2 events occurred that ensured he would NEVER fly with them again.

1 The cockpit door swung open and he saw they’d covered the windows with newspapers so the captain could sleep in peace.

2 The co-pilot was on a mobile phone.

Seriously, forget rollercoaster’s, drugs and unprotected sex … if you really want an experience that can put you in a state of fear, fly China Airlines – it’ll make flying Garuda or Aeroflot a wise move.

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My fiancee was in Hong Kong when a China Airlines plane crashed. There were two planes at about the same time going to the same place, She and her family were on one, the other crashed.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Jesus Rob …

I remember when my Dad went to India in 1975, one of the engines on the Air India 747 blew up just after take-off so they had to dump fuel for 2 hours before landing back in Delhi.

After something like 30 hours waiting in the airport, they announced they had fixed the plane and everyone could get back on.

Unsuprisingly, there was a near riot [probably started by my Dad] till Air India got a completely different plane to take them home.

All this talk of crashes is really making me look forward to my upcoming flying spree, ha!

Comment by Rob

Crazy, youd never get on that plane! Why would they even think it…

Dont worry, you are statistically more likely to win the lottery.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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