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What Is Britain Great At Anymore?
August 20, 2007, 7:05 am
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Rule Britannia

This is a genuine question… it’s not meant to cause offence … but what is England really good at today?

[I know I said Britain, but that was for the purpose of a snappy headline, ha!]

I’m not talking about things they are the absolute best at … I’m asking on a World stage, what tangible things can England truly claim to being a leader at/in?

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Leading the World in how not to run the car and aerospace industries? Oh yes, you said serious didn’t you.
What about television? Is that still something that can be praised? And despite serious underfunding, the British health service is still something to be proud of.
Football? Advertising? Medical Research?
I’ll put my lack of ideas down to it being late and having to continually stop Sarah packing up the whole house for our holiday.
Looking forward to reading what others say but not for about a month. Don’t be too jealous 🙂

Comment by Pete

art. and i say that with all seriousness. english artists are the fucking best in their field at the moment and on a mass number too.

Comment by lauren

From what I know of… the Premier League and the way it’s marketed. It’s the pinnacle of football in the world and they’ve done a great job of making every other league in the world look inferior.

Comment by Age

this is leading to something isnt it campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Introspection and denial.

Comment by John Dodds

It isn’t football.

Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Moaning about weather
Preaching tolerance but practicing intolerance
Right wing newspapers that arent even owned by Murdoch

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Ha fucking Ha Fred …

Is this all because of the anti-Swedish ad I read you earlier?

Comment by Rob

Thinking. 😉

Comment by Will

Blog washing?

Comment by Paul H. Colman

God it’s sad that a bunch of [allegedly 🙂 ]clever people can’t come up with much … or, if I am being honest, anything.

Hello Mr Colman, it is nice to have you pop by and sadly yours is probably the best suggestion because you are proudly British and as far as I know, the only practitioner of blogwashing in the World.

What a mess my homeland is in … oh well, it’s sort-of proving the point I was hoping which will be revealed soon. [ie: When I never have to see this blessed MTV preso ever again, ha!]

Comment by Rob


Comment by Paul H. Colman

Got my eye on Colman too.

Comment by God

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