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The Yanks Have Got No Taste …
August 20, 2007, 7:03 am
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mr whippy

No … it’s not because they voted for Bush, American Bacon or changing the name of Marathon to Snickers … it’s because after rigouress taste tests, our Northern Cream Tea and Digestive Crunch’ Ben & Jerry’s concept has failed at the final hurdle and now won’t be seeing the light of day.


The melt down of the Mr Whippy ice cream van

We suggested they could launch it as a UK only product, but they said no – which is a shame on 3 counts …

Rob Mortimer [whose idea it originally was] won’t be making squillions in loyalties.

2 I loved the idea of being able to say I helped put the Great back into Britain.

3 I was the only member of the team that didn’t get to try the bloody thing and as they said it was like edible sex – I am gutted.

Mind you, maybe that’s why B&J pulled the pin … maybe they thought the guys were saying it tasted like ‘oral sex’ which lets face it, is never going to be a big seller in the Bible belt of America, ha!

Oh well … the other flavours we developed for them are still in the running so fingers crossed, I could be part of the new Mr Whippy generation, ahem!

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crap news guys… bummer.

Comment by lauren

Don’t tell me Andy’s “Sweet Divorce” flavour is still in the running or have I been incredibly gullible and taken him on his word? I think I don’t really want to hear the answer to that 🙂

Comment by Pete

lol @ Pete.

Comment by Age

no pete, its not a fucking joke, i take the piss out of a lot of things but neve fame, fortune and food, especially when its my fame, fortune and food.
where the fuck are you going for 3 weeks? is this some sort of planner annual holiday because george and rob are fucking off for weeks soon as well. dont worry about me, ill be ok, you just all have a wonderful time and recuperate your tired, aching muscles. oh hang on, youre all going with your other halves arent you? enjoy traipsing around fucking shoe shops and churches for days on end then. wish i wasnt there.

Comment by andy@cynic

Andy, it’s comments like that one that reaffirm my goal to one day have a drink with you. Fucking gold! haha!

Comment by Age

Ah bugger.
I bet it was just because they couldnt find a witty name for it…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Do they have cream up north?

Comment by John Dodds

I love the idea of “loyalties” – very web 2.0 even if just a typo.

Comment by John Dodds

Did it have anything to do with the word ‘digestive’? Because, as a seppo, the first association I have is with stomach acid, not cookies -sorry, ‘biscuits’.

Comment by Emily

Hahaha … don’t worry Emily, weren’t going to call the ice-cream that for a bunch of reasons, including the one you say … they just didn’t like the bloody flavour enough!


You good? How was India out of 10?

Comment by Rob

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