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Is It Hate Rob Month?
August 15, 2007, 5:42 pm
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First the irrepressible Ben … now KateJeez …I don’t mind them calling me on stuff they don’t agree with … but adwanker?  That’s not very nice is it.

[Then I do work in advertising and have gone through puberty, so it’s probably as fair a description as any, haha] 

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Comment by andy@cynic

2/1 Rob drops Steve Jobs name in his reply.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Just the one month?

Comment by John Dodds

Mate- in Oz it’s a form of respect to have a blue with someone you disagree with. You come out swinging. After a punch up we have a beer. First round is on me.
And it’s not Rob I’m having a go at- it’s unsubstantiated over claims.
Not that the advertising industry has any experience with that….

Comment by katiechatfield

fair odds billy

Comment by andy@cynic

Everyone overclaims.

Why, just last week, I went to the opera with a lovely lady.

Ok, to the cinema.

Ok, ok…to the cinema on my own.

Ok, ok, ok, I stayed in and watched Cracker.

Fine! I sat in my flat and had a Pot Noodle. Satisfied?


Comment by Will

oh kate, you dont know rob do you.

come on campbell, are you going to defend yourself? mind you in a fight my money would be on kate because even if she made kate moss look fat, i know rob is the biggest wimp in the world. 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Would you be referring Will to Moe in the lie detector test?

“Im going for dinner with a hot date”
“Dinner with friends”
“Dinner alone”
“OK OK, Im going to go home and ogle the ladies in the victoria secrets catalogue”
“..sears catalogue”
“Now let me go, I dont deserve this”

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Good catch Rob M. You aren’t rusty…nice.

Comment by Will

Excellent 😀
Even the film wasnt bad…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Not seen it. Transformers won my hard earned coin…and next, the Bourne Ultimatum.

I’ll check out the DVD, I think. I’m loving that Channel 4 are replaying the quality seasons at the moment.

‘See you in hell candy boys!’ 😀

Comment by Will

It wasnt as good as I hoped, but much better than I expected.

Ew. Transformers. Sullying the good memory of a kids classic.

Rush Hour 3 for me tonight. Im sure it will be rubbish, but if anyone deserves more chances its Jackie Chan. Police Story was good enough to make up for any number of Hollywood forced turkeys.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s so nice to have a business partner who is so supportive!

Comment by Rob

I think you’re wonderful Robert and the post about Jill was very touching. Hope to see you soon. K

Comment by Katerina

k, didnt you see robs post about jill? quit the creeping, hes a one woman bloke and it wont get you a payrise. i on the other hand..

Comment by andy@cynic

hi! quick drive-by comment to say that i still love ya rob! and andy, you need to be beating on anyone who gives rob shit – that’s your job! ha!

Comment by lauren

ah shit – i just read the next post. scrap that andy, well done.

Comment by lauren

fuck lauren, isnt it enough i acknowledge his existence and let him hang off my superior coat tails? its all give, give, give and do i get any thanks? have a wild fucking guess.

Comment by andy@cynic

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