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I Can Be Happy Too … Sometimes!
August 15, 2007, 12:57 pm
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If you could be a Mr Man character, which one would you be?

I recently got accused of being negative and angry … and whilst I would say [1] I’m not really and [2] even if I was, is that so bad? … I thought I’d write about something nice – a moment in my life that will always be something I’ll treasure.

It was a Saturday in September 2004 … around 11:30 in the morning … and I’d just sat down in a cafe [Bar Contessa, Balmain to be precise] waiting for Jill.

We’d literally just met [long story which I don’t want men to be sick over and women to swoon over, ha] but I knew within 2 seconds that something good was going to happen – and I don’t mean ‘good’ in the classic male sense of the word.

Sure she was beautiful and the owner of one of the best smiles I’d ever seen … but what really got me was that when she came bounding in, she didn’t take a seat opposite me … she came and plonked herself right by my side.

Now that might not sound much, but think about it – when was the last time you sat directly next to someone other than on the couch, in the pub or at the cinema?

It immediately gave the moment a sense of intimacy – not in the Andy sense of the word   [ 🙂 ] – but interms of making it all feel abit special … abit closer … abit isolated from the outside World. 

Suddenly we weren’t 2 strangers meeting for the first time … we were people connected in the moment and it felt – as weird as this sounds – like we had both a history and a future. It was basically a magic moment in my life.

And while I got to know more and more about Jill as we spent god-knows-how-many-hours chatting, eating and laughing [though I note she kept her Jillysim problem to herself, ha!] – that initial feeling didn’t change at all, and it was then that I knew, really knew, that regardless of what happened between us, she was going to play a major and positive part in my life.

If I’m ever down, I just have to think of those few hours … re-live seeing her smile, hearing her infectious laugh, watching her big eyes … and it makes me happy again so I hope everyone has their own version of this moment because we all could do with a little more sunshine in our lives, especially if you’re as negative and angry as me, ha!

Commando Jill .jpg

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Awesome post Rob, this really came alive for me. I dont consider you angry, I think you’re just passionate about what you believe in… which is something else I admire about you.

Ps. Will be confirming “news” in the next few days, so will let you know. It’s good. When are you back in Melb?

Comment by Age

thats so special, except it isnt because ive had the exact same feelings with most of the chicks ive ever been with and look where it got me? ditch the mills and boon shit, stop being “nice” and get back to the campbell i know and rely on.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hello Age … ooooh, that sounds exciting. I’m in Melbourne from Monday so this time WE HAVE TO CATCH UP OR I WILL KICK MYSELF IN THE HEAD. [but might need to go to yoga first to ‘loosen myself up’ abit]

And Andy, you wouldn’t be suggesting Jill is like the triple whammy of female freaks you either married or got engaged to, are you?

Answer VERY carefully mate …

Comment by Rob

of course im not, but then i didnt exactly go out looking to meet women who would fuck me over in every way possible did i? 🙂
just to remind you, we talk about anger being our energy, not fucking romance so get back with the program and if ben or anyone else doesnt like it, then they dont have to fucking come here do they.

Comment by andy@cynic

Mary is a Saint mate … she’s a bloody saint 🙂

[PS: I could tell people how romantic you are but [1] we don’t want to lose that hard-man image and [2] you don’t want to know what Mary told me, ha!]

Comment by Rob

shes told you what exactly?
if i could afford it and didnt love her so much, id say divorce 3 could of been on the cards 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

Robert is the modern day Mr Darcy.

Comment by Jemma King

All I can say is reasonable men do not change the world.

Comment by Charles Frith

I see jemma’s point

Comment by John Dodds

Morning. Unfortunately I have to admit that in a moment of absolute astonishment about Andy being able to create a group on facebook I had to join it. Sorry, Rob.

Comment by Seb

As did I Seb!
Sweet post.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

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