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Ten Feet Tall …
August 9, 2007, 12:57 pm
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La Grande

How would you feel if some big bloody Aussie got up in the middle of a presentation you were giving … climbed up onto the meeting room table … crawled slowly passed his open-mouthed colleagues … leant forward and laid a big, fat, juicy kiss right in the middle of your forehead?

Well that’s what happened to me today when I presented our brand idea to one of Australia’s oldest, biggest and most conservative brands.


You could say that.

Not because it’s hardly the behaviour of an International Marketing Director … an International Marketing Director who is the most clichéd Aussie male ever [ie: shaking hands with a man is close to ‘puffter behaviour’] … but because they loved an idea which is so unbelievably pragmatic [especially as they’ve used pretty much the same campaign for FORTY YEARS] that I genuinely expected him to headbutt me rather than kiss me.

Of course we made sure this pragmatic approach all made sense … but I feel so proud for my guys and it just about makes up for the fact I am missing out on the National holiday back in Singapore.

Now it’s time for phases 2 and 3 …

Getting Angelina and getting final sign off, hahaha!

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That’s massive… congrats mate.

Comment by Age

Thanks mate, but not quite there yet … still a few hurdles to jump to ensure they don’t fall back on the safety of category convention hell, hahaha!

If it fails, it’ll be all Angelina’s fault …

Comment by Rob

rob campbell is “the shepherd” leading clients to wherever the fuck he wants them to go.
god fucking bless you.

Comment by andy@cynic

If its who I believe it is then well done, and the Very Best of luck with angelina!

(am i right?)

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Great news mate.

You didn’t tell him about Billy’s lack of dating as a sort of pre-pitch joke warmup?

If so, bet that sealed the deal.

Comment by Will

Mr M … I actually don’t know who you’re saying. Is it something ‘BIG’?

Comment by Rob

Look carefully at my comment… and yes its related to something BIG.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Man, Rob ist must be something with V and B. The only words Rob M. wrote big in his sentence. I have no idea what you are talking about but congratulations. By the way I like “the shepherd” more than “the Bod Geldof of advertising”.

Comment by Seb

Bod Geldof??

And correct Seb.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Oh, I mean Rob Geldof, no Bob. Stupid fingers.

Comment by Seb

You can tell I’ve had 2 hours sleep can’t you – I didn’t even notice the ‘capitals’. Yes – it’s that and it’s looking fucking exciting at this point – but I’ve been here too many times to count my chickens, ha!

I’ve just seen what Andy wrote because I honestly thought you’d gone mad Seb about the ‘Shepherd’ thing. I don’t like it – makes me sound more like a Suit than a Planner, but I am fucking good at the presentation even though I say it myself, ha.

Night all … flying again tomorrow and my current energy levels won’t get me to the bathroom let alone the airport.

Comment by Rob

No it doesn’t sound like a suit. It sounds like the name of a hit man from one of those bloody Blaxploitation films. Or from one of those brilliant Guy Ritchie characters. Harry the Hatchet, Turkish, Nick the Greek, Campbell the Shepherd…great. Though Rob the Flop would be a better rhyme.

Comment by Seb

There are other rhymes for Rob.

Comment by John Dodds

Rob [with the absolutely massive] Knob?

Nahhhhh … more like ROB GOB.

Is that what you meant John?

Comment by Rob

Robjob the Bond assassin seeking to bring down the status quo and replace the queen with AJ.

Comment by John Dodds

Do you mean “massive knob” in the meaning of “cock” or “ugly face”?

Comment by Seb

They arent mutually exclusive are they?
Although if my knowledge of porn films says much…


Comment by Rob Mortimer

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