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Congratulations To Bazza …
August 7, 2007, 12:05 pm
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big head Hello Mr Big Head

… for not getting up out of his seat [he’s at a conference in San Diego] and lamping the guy who said …

“I will talk about the worlds best thinkers today from our industry, I will not mention myself out of modesty

If he honestly thinks that statement demonstrates his modesty, he is not nearly as smart as he [and we] thinks he is.

I am just hoping he was being ‘cheeky’ and Bazza got the wrong end of the stick, because otherwise he goes straight to the top of ‘Needs A Kicking’ chart.

Ego is important – without it, humanity would probably of only achieved a fraction of what they have – however if you imply you can stand ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with individuals who have truly had a major [and positive impact] on society [even though I don’t know who he went on to talk about] … then you have to be aware the public can stop seeing you as ‘a man with a healthy ego’ and start regarding you as an ‘egomaniac cock’.

Well done Bazza … but next time feel free to call him on it,  we’re far more likely to give you a promotion than the sack!

PS: Andy wants it known he is disappointed that Bazza wimped out – but at only 2ft 10″, he sort-of understands why he did.

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Name names

Comment by John Dodds

All the clues are there for you to find out who it was … pretend it’s a game of cluedo, except the only murder was that of ‘modesty’

Comment by Rob

Well I was crap at Cluedo so can you please tell me. I know it must involve the planning conference in SD because that’s the only reason Bazza would be there, but who is the man with no shame? I’ll give you an hour then I’m calling you.

Comment by Pete

Hurrah for Bazza!
Was he from MCanns?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

He didn’t mention anything to do with DEMAND strategy so I don’t think so, haha!

Comment by Rob

“I DEMAND you see me as a genius, but I shall be modest and only ask for two standing ovations”



Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’m proud you didn’t resort to violence Baz, it’s a much more attractive trait.
Jemma x

Comment by Jemma King

Hello, I’ve had a dreadful day and then I read this. I can’t even be arsed to work out who it is because the person in obviously a cock.

That Bazza didn’t just stand up and shout “cock” is disapointing but not the end of the world. Obviously Jobs, Clinton or any of the other big cheeses he’s met didn’t tell him that that would be “the ok thing to do”.

Bazza, it’s ok. I’m not a big cheese – but trust me, you’ll like yourself a hell of a lot more if you do it. Stand up and say “you – yes you laddie – you are a huge great big cock”.

You’ll get thrown out of the conference, but at the end of the day; who gives a fuck?

Comment by marcusbrown

I let Marcus down, I let Andy down, I let Rob down but as everyone on this blog keeps telling me, I let myself down. Thanks, means a lot.

Comment by Baz

Marcus … I hope all is OK. I sensed you might be not having the best of times because of your radio silence yesterday – but don’t be too down if Sorrell wants to buy the Ides of March, it was always going to happen.

Comment by Rob

Great … so my last comment looks unbelievably insensitive given I’ve just read your blog as well as your email. I’d call but my phone died and so I’m using another one without your details on it.

Today will be a better day for you and everyone mate … it has to be, there the rules.

Thinking of you all …

Comment by Rob

you forgot to say you let south africa down too baz.

marcus i dont know whats happening but it sounds like something fucking shit. take it easy mate, youre one of the good fuckers and were right behind you whatever is going on. ab

Comment by andy@cynic

Hope things improve Marcus.

Comment by Pete

Forget all the usual silliness here, I hope your daughter is doing better Marcus, it must be an incredibly stressful time for you all.

Comment by George

Guys thanks. Looking a bit beter now. Again, cheers.

Comment by marcusbrown

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